G-form is having a HUGE sale


G-form is having a pretty huge sale on their site, for those who might have missed TSG group buy and want slimmer profile safety gear.


Sweet. Know how long it will be going on?

Not exactly sure! sorry!

Anyone actually fall with these on who can vouch? Just bought a pair of the elbow pads but they feel don’t feel very protective. Feels like cheap foam

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The impact protection is okay but after the first fall they are garbage.

I’ve been using mine for motocross, and they’ve worked great :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t call the cheap foam. When impacted they are rock solid

I wonder the same thing too…seems like one hit slide and you need to replace them? I bought a knee and shin one to wear under jeans.

This guy seems to like them.

There are some freeriders who wear them for knees and elbows. IF you are very skilled in falling and wear kevlar ish clothing over them the offer some protection. The impact is reduced but they are terrible against road rash. So wear a pair of Kevlar jeans and hoodie over them and they can work. I never cared for how I look when I am riding. So TSG Hardcards all the time for me.

But they are excellent to protect you for shinners :slight_smile:

Bump, sale still on

Can’t see the sale. I visit the website and just see normal prices…

These are also sold at DICK’s Sporting goods for test fitting