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Gaining wider acceptance, or "nuh uh no way I'm getting on that thing"

Reactions to our e-rides can be placed into two general chronological categories: admiration before, then the terror after, with the intervening timepoint being the moment you ask them: “Hey, wanna try it?”

Why is this? I had thought that with board sports taking traction (e.g. snowboard, even Stand up paddle) that many more people would be lining up, but instead I’ve noticed that a majority are scared to death of getting on an electric skateboard. Funnily enough, this same majority wouldn’t think twice about getting on an electric Razor-type scooter.

I doubt the general public is capable of what DIY builds can do (then they’d be REALLY scared), so is this fear just sort of a visceral reaction to the image and reputation of skateboards?

Has any of you ever (um) punched a hole through a deck to attached a vertical handlebar to help someone get over their fear? Sort of like how those Ninebots coming with a training tether and baby wheels, do you think this bastardi - I mean - hybrid esk8 would attract more of the general public?

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Riding a skateboard is actually fairly tricky… I can still clearly remember the first ever time I stood on a skateboard… it was outside my grandparents house and my brother was generously letting me have a go of his deck.

I was probably 8 years old… i remember it being unatural… the feeling that without warning you might end up on your face…

I think many of us “skateboard riders” forget that it’s not a skill you are born with you must learn. Just as we learn to walk, run & jump as toddlers.

The difference with kids and adults is that kids don’t have fear of failure, or public embarrassment and don’t seem to worry about self preservation…

So i 100% agree that a handle bar would be a very good tool for encouraging more people to try skateboarding…

The beauty of a skateboard is it can’t easily tip over. Unlike a scooter or bikes, basically any two wheel vehicle, they require momentum and balance to stay upright.

I think this is an under appreciated feature of the skateboard and should be better emphasised to new comers… skateboards are more stable then a scooter or bike!

I also tend to think the stigma attached to skateboards may have some psychological effect on some people… so they are scared of public humiliation, they fear hurting themselves and they don’t have any desire to try it because of a negative image.

The skateboard is probably one of the most simple and practical modes of human transport ever invented… its hard to think of somthing more simple… one day the masses will realise this.

Yeah. thinking back to yesterday actually. I was at the playground with my kids and my 10 year old was zooming around the area on my board seated, in Mario Kart mode, knocking down toddlers right and left like bowling pins. Later, a group of little kids came up and asked to try, including one small girls with a leg in a cast and crutches. She hops on without asking, and goes, “hit it”. “Have you, uh, ever ridden a skateboard?” I stammer. “Nope”. Obviously I didn’t hit full throttle on the remote, but I was just shaking my head. Kids.

For Christmas last year I made my son a board with a removable handle. It has a twist throttle.


You have my vote for dad of the year. So jealous.

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Thanks! He’s still learning that with owning the fastest scooter around comes much responsibility haha

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Dang…If I had had one of these things when I was delivering newspapers as a kid, I would have been able to do half the state instead of just one neighborhood!

I think I know those kids in Mario Kart mode too! And it’s good because they start getting a feeling for the possible speed and then suddenly they want to stand on it. My daughters are 6 & 11…

It’s the dad eBoard crew… I got to go find me a rental kid now. lol jk

Nice job Dads! The kids must be having a blast…

How I wish I had this when I was like 12-15.

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I can’t wait to get my youngest on a skateboard. My older boys are already longboarding, and my 9 month old has just discovered wheels and anything with wheels gets his immediate attention, so i have high hopes for him. :smile:

But back on topic, The terror of falling on your face is a very real thing. Some people who have never ridden or have rarely ridden a skateboard are pretty frightened of my electric and often make jokes about me killing myself on “that thing.” Those are the people I tell about the arm I broke earlier this year. They aren’t interested in going down that path anyway, so why not share some bail stories?

then there are the snowboarders, skaters, and wakeboarders. For example, My neighbors are all about cool new tech and interesting things. I let him ride it but he was shy of the throttle and didn’t kick first, so he almost lost it. I gave it to his wife to try and she pushed off and eased onto the throttle like a pro. In fact she took off down the block and for a minute I thought id never see her or my board again. lol

This thread is very therapeutic @Calhoun ! I’m also a Dad, 38, and most people I mention this project to react with astonishment… as if I’m sure to hurt myself! I’ve been skateboarding, in varying capacities, since I was 10 years old, so I’m fairly confident in my riding skills. This doesn’t seem to assuage anyone’s doubt.

I’m following my instincts and passion in this DIY build, I know I’m already better for it, and my setup isn’t even ridable yet!

Welcome to the 38 club @treenutter!


I’m 45 and have been skateboarding since like 1978. Currently nursing a blown out knee, but I’m not a quitter.


Thx @longhairedboy! I’m proud to be amongst the ranks of Dads and (nearly) 40-year-olds that haven’t given up on creating, exploring, and having fun!

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Sh*t. I should have guessed this joint was going to populated by senior citizens. :wink:

I got the same treatment, @longhairedboy. Dislocated my elbow (stopped a longboard fall while burdened with climbing gear) and cracked my ankle (fell while bouldering) the year I was thinking about getting an esk8. But that’s exactly why I love electric! Fastest and coolest way to haul my 44 year old bag of badly knitted bones around the city.

My 17 and 10 year olds love it, as does the 2 year old, who now thinks it’s normal to do over 20 kph in a stroller. Lately I’ve just taken to carrying her. Both with helmets, of course.

Speaking of which, it’s been impossible to get my 17 year old to protect her grey matter…until yesterday, that is, when she reproduced that “I love helmets” video on YouTube… WITHOUT a helmet. Kids.

Wondering how old @torqueboards is…

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alright guys. Now its ON. the challenge if you choose to accept it: who will be the first person to wack a motor on one of these:


oh man do i want to do that.

Well that is excellent!

“A” motor? How about 4? And a bigger roll bar!

What’s the curved black line just behind the front wheels? Brake line?

Then again, I’m thinking that’s a faulty design. The kid’s head is gonna be ringing after a few nice quick carvy turns, and it’s mounted too far back so the dad (or mom, any of you out there in esk8land ?) has no choice but to have a scooter stance.

The seat should be on a support that would permit you to extend in forward when there’s a person on the board, and a hammock-like steady cam rig that will keep the kid upright or at least more stable when carving.