Galaxy Board | CNC milled deck | GT Power lighting system | Single drive satellite config | 6s | FVT ESC

So finally got the x-carve up and running. This is my first deck that I CNC milled, and for being my first, I am very pleased with the results. I made many mistakes with this board, but leaned a lot from those mistakes.

In the end, there are 4 powerful headlights (each with 12 LEDs, so 48 LEDs in total) and 2 tail lights (each with 6 LEDs, so 12 LEDs in total) build directly into the board. This is the GT Power 1/5th 1/8th off road lighting system, which plugs into any open channel for power.

I salvaged all the electronics (except for the lights, power switch, and battery meter) from my previous build (may that build rest in peace).

The shape is a bit odd. Flat decks are not very common, and it does feel a bit strange. The reasoning however is because cnc milling concave would of added another level of complexity. I will save the concave goal for my next build.

I am also experimenting with a next idea of mine, which is to add acoustic dampening pads to the between the deck and the riser pad. I have not tested this board enough to say it works flawlessly. It did make my test ride much smoother. But it may have unintended consequences, so I will report back on how that turns out. In case you don’t remember or did not see, in my last build, I used this same material between the board and my enclosure to reduce vibrations, and it is literally like night and day. I would recommend this stuff for everyone to use on there boards. It feels like you are riding on a cloud with this stuff.

Now, on to the good stuff:


Very cool! Nice job!

I gotta get me one of those small mills… so many ideas :smile:

I would have stained the wood instead of painting it. Seeing the wood grain is appealing to me for some reason lol.

I was thinking of staining it, but wanted to see how the paint would look. I might just stain it next time.

btw, The mill with shipping was $1600 USD + the box to house it cost ~ $250 USD in wood and paint. So its not something I would recommend for everyone. If you have the money and are thinking of selling you work (as I am), then go for it.

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Very cool first gen board!

Makes me want an Xcarve even more :smile:

Unfortunately, 2 days out and its falling apart :frowning: So I know now not to use the $15 piece of pine from home depot :smile: I found a lumber yard with hard maple sheets for $63 which should do much better.

Now the question remains: space cell or make a lipo pack from thin 2s or 3s zippys in series?

How fast is this baby?

Top speed was only about 20 mph. It feel apart though. Pine is not a strong enough wood to use for this case. I made another deck from maple plywood, which is plenty strong enough, and didn’t do this. But ultimately, you want Canadian maple veneers. You get way more strength by pressing your own board, and you can add whatever concave you want. Which is what I did for my latest board.

That looks so clean. Great job. How does it ride though? Is it stiff?