Galaxys Edge I First Build I Custom Deck I 6374 I VESC I Belt Drive

Ive been wanting to build an esk8 for a while and a summer job before college was the perfect funding opportunity to get started. I made a deck out of some scrap 5/8" plywood I found in my garage.

I stripped the stain off after I cut it and following this tutorial I added fabric and fibreglass to the bottom. My next step is to poly the whole board for waterproof/UV protection.

I ordered trucks and wheels off amazon as I was originally gonna keep it manual and convert later so I purchased flywheels knowing I was gonna need them. Im gonna be commuting around a college campus. Im gonna be in Florida so humidity and rain will be issues. Id like 7-10 miles of range and 20-30 Mph is probably good. Currently Ive been compiling a parts list and id like to know whether or not I’m on the right path in terms of my build.

Trucks/Wheels: Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo w/83mm Flywheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 Bearings

Motor: TorqueBoards 6374 190kv


Mount: Boardnamics Universal Mount with Idler Tensioner (Its hard to see in the picture of the trucks if this mount will fit This might change)

Pulley: 36T ABEC Pulley 12mm Combo Kit

Remote: TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller

Power switch: DIYE Electric Skateboard Power Switch

Im still doing my battery research but so far I’m thinking to use 2 5S 5000mAh wired in series.

For the enclosure i was planning to do something custom, I have lexan that I can fold and work with.

This is my first post so I hope Im not doing anything wrong :grimacing:

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