Garage sale new and used parts for sale (EU) SOLD

Everything sold…

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Are those metrs metr pros? (idk how to tell the difference)If so Ill purchase one if youll ship to the US

Those are the old ones… :slight_smile:

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Hi, no these are the “old” modules

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Lol i haz one

I’d like a metr module please

I want the UNIK MOUNT with those cross braces if you’re willing to ship to the US.

Just the mounts. Don’t need the truck

Irvine, California 92618

What motor brand is that?

same as APS, I will take better pictures tonight.

Isnt a 6374 one of those brand new 70e online?

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you’re right, same price for 6355 sensored. adjusted the price a bit

They are sensored </3 Edit: okay that price is pretty good someone should pick those up

Ill take the 2x 6355 sensored 190Kv motors. How much for the shipping in Ireland?

I would like one or two of the hobbyking mounts, how much for shopping to Germany?

sent everybody pm

in general shipping cost is €12,- without €18,- with track and trace

Just paid for the UNIK mounts! Once I get those and confirm they work. I’m selling my OG Enertion CF Mounts!

Updated first post and adjusted the price of the vesc

Updated first post…

almost everything sold

Who helps me out with last couple of parts

Only used for +/- 60km