Garage Sale (USA) funds for eMtb

Have couple things I would like to get rid of for a emtb project. I’m so close to it All prices I would like to get, also willing to take REASONABLE offers Will post pictures tomorrow as it’s late but here’s the list.

IMG_2413 MBS 100mm orange wheels (good condition) $50 IMG_2410 Bestech 10s 80a BMS (new) $50 IMG_2411 DIYE motor mount ( good condition) $25

Caliber trucks Black (Sold) IMG_2412 Caliber green trucks (new) $35 IMG_2414 IMG_2415 Bustin Deck (good condition) $90 deck only IMG_2416 IMG_2417 Loaded Vanguard flex 5 (good condition) $120 IMG_2409 Eboosted 12s4p enclosure and esc enclosure (new) $120

Repaired 10s4p Samsung 30q Under 100 charge, 10s bms charging only, 2amp laptop charger, charging port with battery indicator. $400

IMG_2402 IMG_2403 IMG_2404 IMG_2405

Like I said willing to take reasonable offers and will post pictures of he other stuff tomorrow

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What was repaired on the battery? And by whom?

@Skunk Shorted parallel due from the board flipping and one of the series connection broke off shorting one of the parrallel. The repair was done by me, I made this pack

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do you have the pulley for kegels? interested in the motor mount.

Sorry do t have that pulley. PM about mounts

Black caliber trucks sold…