Gauging interest, cnc'd enertion caliber mount clones

Great. I’m interested. My quantity would depend on price, but definitely 3 x sets (6 mounts). I’m in Adelaide, SA Thank you

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hopefully catching up with the machinist tomorrow.

Any news about this?

Am waiting for my machinist. He is having chemo and radiotherapy. :frowning: Little spot on his cheek turned out to be melanoma.

He’s ok - but the treatment knocks him around a bit.

Hoping to catch him this week

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@hoeksame1 Both parts will be ally and Anodized. postage to europe will be approx $20 euro

Waiting for anodising prices and final materials - est around $40 aud including fasteners

I’ll take 2 to 2156 Sydney aus incl fastenings pleeeeeease :heart:

Any idea how much for shipping to canada? If this is still happening

Still happening - machinist is still having daily radiation and chemo treatments. It’s knocking him around a bit :frowning:

prayers for your m8, bud.


Hope he gets better, send him my best wishes

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I would be in for 4 mounts.

How’s our man going with his treatments?

sorry for the delay guys,

Mark is doing ok - another fortnight of radiation and chemo - he’s getting knocked around a bit. Treatment is brutal. Tough watching the physical changes - weight loss - tiredness. Cancer is a motherfucker. treatment is a bitch.

He has some other work he is behind and has to tackle first - it’s still going to happen - just taking time.

He only gets about 3 hours a day on a good day when he can work.


20181006_133316 so after life handing us some pretty shitty hands lately production has begun. :upside_down_face: will start a google doco soon for orders.


Is this a local company or a private person?

very private person. esp since the radiation. looks like 2 face from batman now!

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Thanks hope he’s getting better!


My mother passed away from cancer when I was 19. Cancer is a bitch, prayers up for your mate.


are you still looking for hangers :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

and hopes he gets better

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I might be up for two when you confirm your final price. I am in Brisbane too :wink:

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I’ll take 1 please. Located in Israel