Gear Ratios For your Electric skate/longboard

So I am making my first electric skateboard and I am wondering what kind of gear ratio I should use. I have an “Outrunner Brushless Motor 6354 Kv200” and 76mm abec11 flywheels.I havent bought any of the electronics yet (if that matters). I plan on running a single motor set up. I only weigh about 115 but I still want my board to be able to carry heavier people (friends). The terrain will be the San Francisco hilly terrain, but I plan on going up milder hills. I want to get the gear ratios into my CAD of my board so I can see how everything fits up. Also, does anyone have a CAD of the 76 mm Abec 11 flywheels? That would be super helpful! Cheers, Dominic

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Typically, 12T 13T 14T 15T 16T and a 36T pulley is the standard and should be fine.

I ride in SF and if you plan on climbing hills and want a reliable commuter. I would suggest going dual motor for more reliability.

You can find some pulleys on thingiverse.


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107mm - 44 tooth 97mm - 40 tooth 90mm - 36-37 tooth 83mm - 34 tooth 76mm is too small for eboarding IMO but it can work.

These are calculations based on sane ERPM values below 60k and a 24 to 26 mph top speed paired with commonly used motor pulleys.


Is this erpm calculation correct? ERPM= (voltage)x(kv rating)x(7 pole pairs, for most 50-63mm motors)

If it is hows gearing affecting erpm calculations?

Yes that is a correct. If your erpm is very high and your gear ratio is very low it is possible to overrun the erpm when coasting down a steep hill.

Hey chaka do u have those 107mm flywheels for sale? How much are they? Do u have pulleys for them? Will the fit in a caliber ii fifty 10"?

I had a few sets but I sold them already. I can get more when I restock if you want a set. They are not cheap, $140. Let me know if you want a set. Space is limited on common trucks you want to use a really wide setup with them.

Got to agree on limited truck real estate to fit the 107mm as they are centerset and massive contact patch. Was able to cram them onto caliber 2 with psychotiller mounts and enertions but only 9mm belt and pulleys.

Do you expect you’ll be stocking 83mm versions at some stage?

Yes, we plan on stocking them soon.

U think the will fit on a caliber ii fifty with a single motor and 12mm pulley? Im using tb mount

You might need to file away some of the hanger to get them to fit.

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U got pulleys for them?