Geared Hub Motor for Electric Skateboard - Stary on KICKSTARTER

easy !

make your own plastic Brushless DC motor !

with SPIKES ! ! ! :joy:

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6s (96Wh) is not much to work with for dual hub motors. I’m putting the practical range between 6-10 miles.

Thoughts on power consumption and the proposed milage?

Stary has a single hub motor. I still agree with your proposed range.

These look fantastic. Like a race car. But crap is defiantly going to be sucked up and crunched tearing up the magnets.

Why would that happen any more than in any hub motor?

I think it should be fine for the most part… They spin so fast… unless your swimming in rocks it shouldn’t.

Hopefully, they don’t. I ordered a few so we’ll see.

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The holes are large and no screens to keep bigger debris out. One sucked up chunk of iron is worse than none

Well, If it gets destroyed I’ll just use it for parts. I figure they’ve tested these since August, so they should be OK.I am not concerned about debris in the drive wheel. Wait, should I be? Holly crap! :joy:

Just put some screen door mesh on it

yeah , thats what i’ve been thinkin silently for the past 2 years . what if some sick jealous dudes or teen prick were to spill a few paper clips or staplers on the ground ? it will get tossed around by front wheel , and it will get attracted to my prrrecious bldc motors which we all know using a neodymium powerfull magnets . til now i havent had issues with it . but i am trying to figure out how to keep my sattelite motors from attracting these pests

a “few”? 2…5…10?

Good idea about that mesh…gonna be tricky to apply it. Because of the planetary gears, the inner part of the hub (with the star design) spins in the opposite direction of the outer wheel (which includes that rim with the two hex screws)

Can you replace the urethane on hub motors ?

I ordered their 5 pack but a few friends wanted a cheap complete board.

80a duro. Wonder what duro it will be when it hits 200f. Thin rubber. Wonder how much lip is there to hold it. Maybe imported fat Americans to test it.

but maybe ok Magnets maybe will die first Keeping rubber on

Haiku aside I think I see it can hit 90c! Says so on the wheel. And a bit below freezing. Maybe that number reveals what the motors themselves can do comfortably. Before the magnets die Except there are no magnets rated for 90c just 80 or 100 or above

All of them I think.

Can’t wait… got 5 of them… Although they are a measly 25.2v (6S) * 4ah. Compared to my 12S3P it’s childs play.

We’ll see if they go 10 miles as advertised with 99wh. Looks like CE certification then they ship!