Geared Hub Motor for Electric Skateboard - Stary on KICKSTARTER

laying down maybe. or maybe they waited for a storm wind. It is a super nice looking board though. and an awesome price. torque you could stand on the street with a sign and sell those during rush hour. i guess you plan to sell them since you bought so many.

the pics of the gearing dont make sense. there needs to be gearing between the rotor, which is maybe at 50mm diameter, and the sleeve holding the rubber which is only a couple mm greater diameter… they arent showing it all. there needs to be a really thin bearing between the two, on both sides, and how they transfer the torque between these two cylinders isnt shown

as you say … … … …

Yeah, I’ll be selling them. I doubt they’d get 10 miles unless they severely limited it.

Boosted 12S1P for 2000mah gets about 5-7 miles if even. Stary 6S2P for 4000mah gets about 5-7 miles.

I wonder if A, the price of hub motors will drop now And B, if theyll sell parts individually so we can use them on our builds Mwahaha

Boosted sure as hell doesnt…

I am wondering how the wheel ( the PU outer ) is attached onto the gear hub or the motor there seems to be no grove for them to mate…

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Something interesting. STARY - will be selling their hub motor for 199$. I am just wondering if it’s gonna be whole motor or just parts for repair.


Also the motor seems to be noisy as fu*k.

First board to break the sound barrier? Man, those motors sounds like jet engines.

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Damn! That’s way louder than my dual belt driven board. Imagine how loud Stary would be with dual motors.

Maybe they attach the mic to the motor. hahaha. I believe it can go Mach 1 if that guy full throttle. nah, just kidding. But it is damn LOUD :smile:

well it is metal on metal, if its not lubed right it could get loud.

Lol. That’s a HUGE problem in robot poorn too. :electric_plug: Or so, I’ve heard. From a robot friend. I swear.



Someone is def gonna strip some gears…Grind it till you find it !

I think Im the only one here who knows that reference

I guess in China nobody cares about noise

I got to try Stary today and it was quite impressive :slight_smile: Some observations I made

-The torque is nice, it feels little bit better than 9mm single belt drive with 5065 motor. The max speed of 32km/h is plenty for cruising on this board. The urethane on the drive wheel feels quite slippery

-It is loud. It is even louder than benchwheel. The noise sounds like a robot orgy without lube. Just like someone said earlier :grin: I think I have been spoiled with Carvons and vesc

-Range is okayish, around 8-9km. Again, im spoiled with my 12S 6Ah setup

-The board is really light and feels sturdy but I prefer the feel of the flexible baltic birch deck. The trucks are not the worst trucks I’ve tried but neither the best ones

-The remote is the thing that I really want to the DIY-world. It is compact, the thumb wheel has nice resistance and travel. The display on the remote gives you a shit ton of information, this would be perfect with VESC. The display had quite bad readibility in direct sunlight though.

After quick ride I would give the board 3.6 :star: out of 5


My new favorite line :heart:


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :robot: :point_right: :ok_hand:

Btw. @Michaelinvegas Do you ever sleep? You are always online, even when it is euro midday :sweat_smile:


And miss all this awesomeness?


No sleep. Just cruise :grin:


I think Mike may be a robot. He never sleeps and was really liking the idea of a robot orgy…Just sayin…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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