Gearing Ratios! Share!

i’m building a new board (Boosted dual inspired) and all my parts are almost in! Im using DIY’s 230 KV motors SENSORED and dual 120 amp esc’s, running 6s. 83 mm wheels and a 40 tooth main gear, 15 tooth spur. Math only works out to 16 mph but with a whole ton of torque!

im thinking about dropping down to 35t or 32 t soon!

What about your own gear ratios?

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13,14,15,16 and 36 is what I’ve tried on both 50mm and 63mm 245kv motors with 6s.

I’ve also used these on the 190kv R-Specs on 10s.

Haha it just kinda depends for what setup I use, but here are my two current configs: 13/36 245kv 63mm 6s on my little pocket rocket 15/36 190kv 63mm 10s on my downhill deck

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are they single or dual drive? gotta be dual haha

Good idea! I’m using 14/36 right now on 6s with a 192kv motor and I reach around 15-25km/h which is a nice start for me as I have never really longboarded much.

thats good! you have good torque then. im 200 pounds so i need all the torque i can get going up hill lets be honest :slight_smile:

You want a mixture of torque and speed to get up hills. If I had 230-270kv that would be best. Or I could increase my voltage and that would be good as well.

i’m using 14/36 on my daily beater with 270kv propdrives, and 15/36 with 190kv R-SPECs on the Scarlet build i’m working on now.

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10s 15/42 dual on my pneumatic. All of my other boards have been between 14-18/32-36 and single drive. For the recored, I weigh 207lbs and never felt the need for dual motors. 63mm motors are plenty powerful and will knock you on your ass if you’re not paying attention even @6s. the need for dual motors stemmed from 50mm motors not having torque to climb. Also aesthetics…some, if not most, cant get past the look of a single motor.


that, and the look on their face after they realize it is 1wd…

They immediately assume it pulls on way, and that your little motor can’t do anything to push a whole human.

Right?!!! I have 2 boards with single motors that I’d put up against anybody’s build.


16T 36T Tacon160 (6364 245kv) 6s = a very fun 43kmh


This guy thinks one big motor is plenty.

Big motor, tuned ratio for your flavor and you can blow a commercial dual 50 off the road easily. They certainly aren’t slow.

A good voltage, Kv and pulley ratio combo is like magic.


Paragon,…What wheel size are you using ?, At that Ratio, do you feel like you have plenty of Torque for going uphill?

I’m using 83mm flywheels. I feel like it has plenty of torque and I can easily start it from a standstill, even though it’s sensorless. I’m in Florida though, so I haven’t really gone uphill; everything here is flat.

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Help me out guys… The Enertion Raptor comes with 83mm wheels and goes 28mph. How much top speed will i lose if i switch to 75mm wheels?

do you have excel ? I can email you somehting thatll help

Nevermind just click the link


nice! this is great. The only thing is i dont know most of these values. for example, im not sure what the drive ratio for the rapter is…

dont enter a drive ratio. it gets calculated once you enter the values you do know.

for example enter these values only (motor kv,battery voltage, big teeth pulley, small teeth pulley and diameter of wheels) The rest gets calculated from those values.

Get it?

so leave dont mess with load factor, motor speed, drive ratio, top speed kph, mph. Those will get calculated for you