Gearing up for my first real build | 10s4p 30Q | Single Ollin 5065 200kv | Vedder VESC

Hey all, just starting to source parts for this build, but before I got too far ahead of myself, I was hoping that I could ask the community here for some feedback. I actually started getting together parts for this build a few months ago but life pushed that project to the side. The goal is a ~1000$ cruiser with a focus on quality parts and just enough speed to get me into trouble (~25 mph).

For clarity / ease of reading, here’s a link to a google spreadsheet with the parts all laid out. I’m planning on building the battery pack (10s4p) myself from 40 30Q samsung cells which should be a bit of an adventure (still reading up on how charging works in that configuration), but I’m excited for the challenge! Any suggestions or alterations would be very much appreciated, I still have tons of reading ahead of me!

Thanks all in advance, I love this community and can’t wait to start posting build logs as parts come in!


Subscribed! I also want to build my own battery pack but I can’t afford to buy new cells if I mess something up :sweat_smile:

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If you are building a 10s battery pack you need to find another charger, the Venom charger is only 1-6s

You could use either of these…

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Where did you buy your 30q’s from?

Good catch! I’ll look into picking one of those up. Still need to sort out how that would work with my bms…

I grabbed the 30q batteries from Still haven’t gotten a shipping notification though, I’m settling in for the wait. In the mean time I have to decide if I want to try and build a ghetto spot welder, bite the bullet and buy one, or just solder them manually and prey the capacity isn’t damaged too badly :sweat:

I hear ya…I bought a welder, but am waiting until I find a decent price on 30q cells to use it.

I’m starting to really get down to the nitty gritty, bought the pulleys and belt today and started looking into how i’m going to setup charging and battery management of the pack.

If anyone has a moment to break down how you wire xt-90 connectors from a 18650 battery pack that would be most appreciated! Do you take the output of the bms and use that for both charging and the output to the motor?

What is an anti-spark loop and why would I need one?

Sorry for all the noob questions, just trying to understand how everything will go together :slight_smile: