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Geminon | 6S | SK3 6374 192kv | 15/36 | 27kmh | TB 12S ESC |

LHB asked for my build so here it is:

I wanted to have a build that next year will take me to my high school at maybe 15km/h with a range of about 6km. There is one problem though. The locker’s are too small :sleepy:


Specs: 192kv SK3 Motor TorqueBoards 12S ESC TorqueBoards On/Off Switch High Voltage Enertion Single Motor Mount Pro Kit PsychoTiller’s enclosure 15/36 Gearing with a 265T 9mm belt. Globe 38.5" Geminon Deck

Good Work!.. be sure to keep us updated!

That’s gonna be a sweet ride once its finished.

Nice job so far. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

@onloop @longhairedboy @King1017 Thanks for all the motivation guys!

Lox - you might also try running this without spacers - you look to have AMPLE clearance without the 10mm 1/2in riser/shock pads! Low is better as long as everything clears. You could swap in a thin shock pad if you want to protect the deck or help with vibrations, but i don’ think you actually need one. Test fit of course and make sure.

Nice build so far - GL!

I have considered that. Although it looks like a monster I would rather have the extra clearance but that’s my opinion.

Quick update. Got back from America 2 days ago (sorry Psychotiller couldn’t get enough time to meet up with you and Pedi) Had some great fun over there. Nice country. Anyway, got home and couldn’t wait for mum to bring home the enclosure from psychotiller. Once I got it I was amazed with the quality of ABS when vacuum formed. Here’s a pic:

Looks really neat! A good case make all the difference

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Thanks lox! We’ll have to meet up next time

My build will be done by next time (maybe I will have another) So we can all ride together.

In order to make the “E-board Builds” category really easy to search & locate specific builds i am asking that you change your title to something descriptive that better expresses the makeup of your build.

Most of the new build threads tend to end up with a name such as
"new- noob - noobie - beginner - first - build - help - newb" this becomes hard to keep track of.

I would like to see each build thread with a descriptive title, such as;
Project Name | Deck Name | Trucks | Motor type | Mounting method | Voltage/Battery | ESC

The Samurai | Custom Deck | Paris Trucks | R-SPEC | Custom Mount | 10S | VESC

Okey Dokey onloop. I’ll do it now.

Tell me if you would like it changed or add something

VERY factual!

i would write SK3 6374 next to 192kv

Quick update.

BadWolf V2 is done (except for battery soldering and antenna). Enclosure is mounted with screws and tnuts. Loctite is on most screws and I’ll do the rest once I get the final parts for Christmas. As you can see we had to make a hole in the badwolf so the case could fit on. I may’ve done something wrong to make this happen but it works for me so I’m happy with it.

Psychotiller’s case is mounted:

The electronics will be mounted with velcro. Next update due 25/26th of December.


I’m really impressed with the quality of that 3d print. Did you do it yourself?

It was printed with shapeways and we spray painted a black coat on it.

This build is pretty much ready to go again. I’ve got a new pulley coming that will make the board go faster. I’ve also got a new UBEC which has a built in voltage monitor (the old ubec broke). I have soldered xt60s onto the batteries and made the leads shorter on my motors.