Gen2 boosted extended range battery

Yo dude, I’ve been considering buying the extended range battery for my bboard but can’t help be annoyed on the range only being 14 miles ( realistically 12 ) and the price being around £300 in the uk. I was thinking surly they’d be releasing a gen 2 extended range soon with improved Capacity? Any thoughts?

Cheers guys

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Go buy a battery on the forum

There is a really good seller called @Tinp123 he will sell you a battety with twice the range for less then the price

He can also make an enclosure and then you just swap the enclosures and done

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Thanks for tag, but I can not help in this case. Boosted uses different chemistry (LiFePO4 vs Li-Ion) and proprietary bms. It is not so easy to upgrade boosted with diy battery.

Ah ok didn’t know that

The extended range battery uses 18650’s the standard range uses A123 Cells