General feedback on custom parts!

I did some searching around the forum and I didn’t find anything similar to this, so I made it.

If you have questions about your own custom design that you don’t think needs its own thread, or if you think your question is too high level for the Noob questions thread then feel free to post here!

Hoping to put an emphasis on parts you’re actually making. That means questions and (hopefully lots of) advice about how to press decks, PCB design, motor mounts, remotes, 3d prints, etc. Ask whatever you want!

And to you senior members of the forum, I hope you help people out. Lets get people to the next level of esk8 DIY!


Great idea

@Andy87 what about your PCB design


I’ll go first.

I’ve been working on this mount and I’m worried about it ever bending after reading this thread:

IMG_20190226_001534 IMG_20190226_001527

Currently has a 55mm center to center, so it seems significantly shorter than the one from that other thread. However its also got a 6mm thick plate, 45mm wide.

Am I taking a risk?

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What material?

This has a similar design to @JuniorPotato93 motor mounts which are also 6mm thick

You should be good

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7075 T6. At least that’s what I’m told, will have to do my own testing to see for myself.

And that’s good to hear, I’ll have to check his out. Thanks!

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You can find it here

I was also thinking the same thing but for twill 2k carbon fiber. I think 5mm is what enertion used back in the day

But I’ve heard that 3mm carbon fiber is equivalent to 6mm 6061

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I’ve tried mounts at 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. You should be fine from 5mm onwards, especially for 7075-T6 with a 45mm width throughout.


not ready yet. still not sure if it will work or not as I don´t see the PCB preview when I want to purchase the design. Buut here we go PCB

If somebody want to have a look, here is the version for 3P 1|6897b385d71e412f8dc52c1acea9f69f

Would be happy for any feedback