Genesis Hellfire remote. I know, I know

I’ve acquired a Genesis Hellfire with no remote. And yes I’m aware of the issues of said board lol. I’ve looked and looked and come to the conclusion that no one has the original remote for sale. Ok fine. Apparently Koolwheel uses the same remote. Cool, but what about connectivity to current receiver in Hellfire? Then it hit me. Why not just use a completely different remote and receiver.

Now the questions…

  1. If I use a koolwheel remote, will I have those connectivity issues or is it like 2.4 connects to 2.4 or is it written into the esc to only use particular remote?

  2. If I go different remote and receiver, will I have issues with implimenting new hardware to hellfire?

  3. If there are know issues with using different remote receiver on Hellfire, what are they?

Thank you Mista J

I had a Koowheel board. If I remember correctly they are exactly the same. If you need I have a spare Koowheel remote. The connection problem was due to the connection between battery and ESC. I never had remote issue with my Koowheel.


Yeah I was doing reading and saw that it was battery esc issue. Just add some washers add the end of the screw is what I’m hearing. Any other heads ups I should know about?

I did the trick of the washer and indeed it helps. Although it doesn’t remove entirely the problem. I solved by changing the connection with a XT60. Easy and forever :wink:

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That was my next question lol. Want to dm me on that remote?

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Did it. If you need other small part you could include it in the shipping.

the 2nd gen koowheel is criminally underrated. have one for 3 months with ZERO issues and it punches way above its weight.


Thanks for the info. I currently have a liftboard single belt that pulls @ 25.7kmh. Picked up this Hellfire on trade and wanted to see what hubs are like. Hopefully I can make my mind up about using belt or hub on my build.

Any chance you still have that extra KoolWheel remote? I have a Genesis Tomahawk that won’t respond to my remote, I’d love to rule out the remote as the issue before rebuilding or swapping the ESC with a KoolWheel D3 ESC.

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Was sold to me months ago. Never used it due to going different route. I could part with it though.

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As @J0ker3366 said :wink: Ask him about it…

Thanks for the replies J0ker and rey.

How much would you sell it for?

Just out of curiosity is this remote the one that is flat and like an oversized keyfob? Or is it the one that has like a finger guard around it?

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This is the one I have, how much do you want for yours?

Saiber77, Do you still have that remote? My husband has a Hellfire G-2 and we think the remote is no longer talking to the board. Looks like the company is out if business.