Genuine hm-10 bluetooth problems to connect to Xmatic iphone


I have read through the blutooth issues pages but struggling to find this particular issue come up. Wondering if anyone has come across this? Bought a hm-10 bluetooth (genuine one adviosed with extra chip so got this below);

So the aim is to connect to the Xmatic app for stats

. BLE scanner finds the Module and app seems to connect as bottom of first screenshot (bluetooth icon goes green when I turn board on) but then no data is transfered to stats page and I get the following shown in the appdata log …

My BAUD rate set via vesc tool to 9600 and PPM and UART selected in uart app section of vesc tool. that and firmware on vesc are latest version. Any ideas what may be wrong or know where I can get hold of the app developer? Is it an incompatibility with latest vesc firmware, the app or the module (unlikely)?

Module is connected to my 4.20 vesc (with 5.1 firmware according to this app) and wired exactly as all paperwork and others have advised. vcc to 5v, - to ground. tx to rx and rx to tx. Many thanks


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have you tried changing the baudrate to 115200?

Ooh I will try that instead and report back. Many thanks.

am having exactly the same problem …will follow this thread for sure :slight_smile:

115200 doesn’t do anything. even less of a conenction made with that setting. belive the 9600 is correct but somethign else is causign the packet errors?

I would guess it’s because of vesc firmware 5.1. I think the developer is @twan . He could probably answer that for sure.

I had to change firmware to older version or different programmers version to work with this module guys