[GER][EU] SOLD! 2x Focbox with canbus cable

Focboxs are sold, you were probably too late


@dareno 10focs


Are you near weisden?

I think you mean Wiesbaden right? No I’m located in Hamburg

How expensive would it be for me? Canada H4E1K1

Will you ship to U.S.? If so, I’m on it.

Too far for me bro but thanks for the thought.

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Ah okay. It that would probably be an easy ship, yea?

Ja klar kann ich das als versichert schicken brauche nur eine Adresse. Per PayPal oder Überweisung?

I’m on my way to ask the post office, i have another guys that’s interested who lives in Germany, if he pays the i would unfortunately sell it to him as I don’t have to worry about the tax and the other stuff regarding sending electronics to the states. Don’t worry tho I’ll ask anyway

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I just asked, uninsured postage to usa/Canada is 16€ and insured to USA is 38€ and to Canada is 39€

Understandable. If no luck with Germany let me know and we can work something out. Does it count if my last name is German, :thinking:

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Yup will let u know. Yea it does :wink: :joy:

DM’d you back!