German Esk8 Laws

The law here says that any self powered vehicle isn’t allowed to do more than (i guess) 4 km/h. Its ok if you ride an e-bike and have to push at least a little.

To be legally correct a board that exceeds the km/h limit have to be equipped with front&rearlights, a break, a horn/bell, and an licence plate…

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They are considered to be cars legally - so you would need a license plate and whats called a vehicle type approval (you would need lights, a seat, steering, two independent brakes and more to get one). Anything faster than 6km/h needs this in Germany. With bikes there is an exception because they only support your peddaling and don’t have a throttle.

When an accident happens you basically driving aan uninsured car and are personally liable for all damages plus the fines for riding an unapproved car in the first place. But on the other hand I have never heard of the police being overly strict - most policemen are apparently intrigued and find the board fascinating.


I didn’t brig my board, just wanted to grab a beer and talk about eboards :slight_smile:

tell me this then…why are Eboards being sold without notice of this ??? e-bikes do have a throttle :)) just as motorcycles do …but as you said it is an exception…can you please lead me to the official release stating what you have said :slight_smile: überhaupt kein Problem wenn es auf Deutsch ist :slight_smile:

just read this thread from a German eskate forum. They are probably openly sold because the low numbers have not yet gotten the attention from the authorities. Just like segways there will probably be an exception in the future when the numbers increase - but right now we are riding illegally.


It’s a bit tricky. There is no statement of the german government that refers directly to eboards if I am right. But see this:

I didn’t check if all the information given in the link is correct but maybe it is a starting point :slight_smile:

Edit: two minutes too late :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks mate…unbelievable what i am reading there: " so ist die Strafe Freiheitsstrafe bis zu sechs Monaten oder Geldstrafe bis zu einhundertachtzig Tagessätzen"

“Weitere Sanktionen können sein: • Verkehrszentralregister mit 6 Punkten geahndet. • Zusätzlich kann die Fahrerlaubnis entzogen werden.” i had a good laugh at this…losing my drivers license because of an Eboard accident :expressionless:

thanks mate :smiley:

Honestly… That wouldn’t be hard to do. I’m thinking about bringing my eboard to Germany next summer (obviously not the batteries, my friends there already have a few from other various projects that will work) and it wouldn’t be hard to put all of that on it. Front and back facing lights on the trucks, horn would be a one-button program with the speaker I’m planning on attaching o the bottom of the board, and I could easily fashion a plate for the back part of the board with 2 screws and a piece of metal

but to get a number plate you need to have an insurance for your board

You also need a seat, steering and two independent brakes - you would have to tranform it into a motorcycle and then have the TÜV actually make a full on investigation whether everything is actually correctly made (trust me: your skateboard will never be officially allowed on German streets with the current laws in place)


This took another turn, guess we’re debating German laws for electric longboards :o

How does Mellow boards get away with it? I have yet to see bad press

Yeah I am sorry to have started this mess. But seeing how many don’t know about this it might not be a bad idea to have this kind of talk. Maybe a moderator should split the thread.

Wish you a great time in Munich and on your trip.

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No idea - probably because nobody noticed as the number of riders in Germany is still super small. I basically have never seen another rider besides me. Also they could just argue that it is intended for sports use or only on private ground.

No problem man, I find it interesting! :slight_smile:

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Not for nothing…I have been all over Europe, your beautiful plazas…and cities … So perfect for eboarding…

So much to see and do…lol

I shot you my suggestions lol


how does mellow boards do it tho? Never seen them get hit by law enforcement

See my post above. In short: i have no idea

Mellow has been posting a lot on social media … I’m sure there is a pr person there keeping them out of any trouble