Get me to work and back Trampa HP 12s EMTB *first build*

Gday! New to the forum,

Im planning on building my first esk8, need something to get me to work and back (7km each way) and fulfill offroad dirt track duties on weekends when my cars decide not to work.

I like the look and cleanliness of the Trampa Holypro setups, but want to do the electronics on my own.

Heaps of soldering experience, used to work in the RC industry

The plan: Unpowered Trampa Holypro 35 direct from the guys in Nottingham when im over there in 2 weeks

Ultimate trucks Superstar wheels Unsure on tyres - good cross between asphalt and gravel? 12s2p - been looking at 4 of the Turnigy heavy duty 5000mah packs with 65c Pelican 1200 case - fits all 4 with a little bit room to spare and a little overhang Anti-spark switch from @eLDoska 100a Focbox Metr Bluetooth module - already on its way Belt drive from @Idea (just waiting on funds!)

Im not 100% sure on motors, ive read the 190kvs are a bit too much for 12s and id like to run it in FOC. I was about to pull the trigger on some 149kv SK3s when I realised they werent sensored.

As for the charger i already have a Hitec X4 4 port multi charger that’ll do 6s

Im about 80ish kg, and have some fairly long sweeping hills on my commute with lots of steep gutters. Weekend duties will consist of cruisy gravel bike tracks until I become more daring

What do you all think? Thanks in advance for any pointers!

I’d go with:

  • 18650s for 12S4P array
  • 190kv is ok for 12S, a lot of speed though, you will have more torque with 170KVm go with dual 6374s
  • If you plan to run the battery underneath, go with the HS11 deck, izt’s exactly the same deck but without holes, the hole will be a PIA with water/dust getting intothe electronics, otherwise HolyPro 35 is nice.

  • Get a Meylan light, they look killer on the HS11/HopyPro decks but do not use the mount that comes on the kit, it’ll break the first day, make an aluminum one like this:

Tyres, use the Primo Alpha 8", they look and run amazing on all kind of terrains


That setup is unbelievably clean!

I hadnt been super fond of the idea of running 18650s, primarily because of fears of individual cells going out of balance wheras the lipo option gives me super eaay balancing of all cells.

However, the cleanliness of your board is changing my mind. Id assume you have an integrated bms that’d support onboard charging? Only thing id be concerned with is mounting the reciever above deck and maybe esc temps

Id love to know more about your setup though, that battery box and your drilled through on switch on the front are seriously sleek!

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Well I’ve been runing BMS less on this setup and constantly checking the balance of my cells and they are 100% perfectly balanced, not a path I would recommend to anyone as you gave inherent risks if you are not careful, I’m going to install a lipo checked that beeps whenever a cell goes drops below 3V, I’d also have a screen with the voltage of each pack so I could monitor the battery balancing on every ride.

I’m runing hw6.4 from @stewii and I still could exceed 70C of temp on the ESC, even really pushing it, so it’s on the safe side