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Getting a VESC or not

I’ve been reading a lot about the VESC… Since enertion has a sale i’m really into buying one. But… i’ve read some problems here and there about shorts etc. So is it worth spending 100$ for something that might be broken, or does enertion test them before selling? And is there some testing i could do before using it to make sure i don’t break one?

The probability of you recieving a unit that is DOA is slim to none. IF this is the case, then I am about 99.99% certain that any of the VESC sellers on this forum would fix it for you without trouble.

The problems that you are reading about are problems that are arising from the various users blowing their ESCs (even @onloop over at enertion has blown a few) and this can usually be overcame by getting a clear picture of what it is that you are doing. Things like making sure the ESC is heat shrinked, not using a big powerful battery to configure it, and taking the time to really learn how you can break it will usually ensure that nothing ends up broken.

Just keep in mind that the VESC is hardware which has been developed for years now and is very much still being developed. You are not buying something that is 100% tested and thusly you just need to be informed and careful about what you do or dont do.

Good luck, lots of research out there on how to work with the VESC, and even more posts about people asking “is it worth it” with the answer of “yes, a 1000 times yes”

Now that VESC production has been moved to the US, quality control will be significantly higher than before.

In addition, as @Sharkface said, the majority of errors are human error, which with a little bit of research can easily be avoided.

You can check out the new VESC video here:

Are the VESC from the sale right now from US production or still an old batch?

if you were to order a VESC today, it would come from the US batch.

Thanks! :smiley: :smiley:

The second ESC I’ve received from Enertion has the bullet connectors mounted on the PCB directly as in the above picture, as opposed to on cables.

I fitted it for my mate, and put it in it’s own enclosure. It lasted two outings (around 16 miles in total). One of the bullet connectors has come off the PCB taking the copper track with it. He’s returning it to me shortly to see if there is enough track left for me to solder a wire in it’s place. It seems like a very bad design idea to me to put a stressed item with a lot of overhang, directly on the PCB. The VESC was installed in an enclosure with the motor wires entering through a hole, so it wasn’t the wires moving about or being pulled. It will have been vibration.

The 1st VESC was fine until he redid motor detection then it packed up. He “might” have put the wrong firmware on (Hardware version) but he doesn’t think he did. He’s had the DRV replaced by a pro who does reflow work. It still doesn’t work.

Nothing wrong with Enertion - I’ve had very helpful communications with them (Jason?) but I dont’ think the VESC is for the faint hearted. It’s just not gone through the levels of QC and testing that commercial products do.

I was about to order some to convert my board but I’m sticking with car ESCs until things stablise.

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I agree with @Sharkface. It seems like there are daily posts about whether VESC is worth trying. The short is answer is that it is likely best ESC designed for DIY eskate builders, but you have to be willing to learn about it and do some research to make it work perfectly with your setup. If you don’t want to solder, install a program on your PC, do a few hours of reading, and think through your build, then it might not be right for you. Car ESCs are definitely easier, if simplicity is what you’re after.

I’ve got about 50 miles on my Enertion 4.7 VESC, and it’s performing very well with no issues. However, I had to learn how to configure it and install it properly to get there. Now I love it, and wouldn’t consider anything else.

I have no problem with soldering or diy, i have quite a good experience with soldering and diy etc

Does the new batch also have power leads and capacitors attached?

Yes, the new batch has everything you need already soldered on.

When will new batch ship out?

we are shooting for mid to late March. @NNGG