Getting Burned doing DIY

I keep getting burned some how or another working on these boards, a few days ago my soldering iron fell off its stand and onto my left wrist while it was glowing red… burned me pretty bad the soldering iron got stuck to my skin i had to pull it off asap and the strange part is it dosnt hurt i may have burned a nerve lol. I also have 4 other burns on the same hand from soldering, i messed up making a battery pack and had a large spark burn my finger. i used a Map gas torch to heat up the lock tight to remove my pulleys and i turned off the torch and set it to the side as soon as i look away the hot tip falls on my thigh… and today like a dumb ass i has some molten solder fall on my knee and burned me so i brushed off the solder with my hand but it was still liquid and hot so it got inbetween my finger nail and burned me there too… all of this has happened within a week.

anyone else feeling the burn?


DAm bro i feel bad, im partly to blame…:neutral_face:

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Not your fault Rod, l did it to my self but not on purpose. Lol burned my self but I finished wiring up the 3 Focboxes I have I just have to test them later.

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before I learned to solder I didn’t have anything to hold my bullet connectors that i was soldering to the focbox so I was using like a pencil that Kept falling over . Anyways bullet connector once fell over while I was trying to solder it to the focbox and I instinctively touched it burning my thum and my index finger and had my skin burned for 2 months

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I would recommend you to get that holder with 2 hands, costs like 6$ helped a LOT, after that i started getting much better connections


It sounds like u would be cursed lol… so many burns does sound bad…

I guess u need to doublecheck everything is fixed into place and doesnt move around…

Ive hurt myself a few times and yeh these soldering iron burns are not nice but it usually was due to wires mingling or me not being careful

Sometimes solder blobs do fly away but so far ive been lucky and they havent landed on my skin


imageimage image


Cut from nickel / copper strip?

I’ve had molten solder dripping on my foot. That was the last time I did my soldering barefooted


Have to admit a case of everything above and…hitting myself in the face with a hanger which came away from the baseplate unexpectedly


Burning copper fuse wire pressed hard against my thumb. If you look at it sideways, you can see a pretty deep groove of the branding. Good news is that the wound self cauterized, so no need to patch myself up.


I tried my hand at welding a few summers back, had all the right gear except one day I didn’t tie my shoes tight enough and a spark sent molten steel right down my shoe, burned through my socks and straight into my ankle. Scars went away after a few months but I still have the socks with holes to prove it.

I also have one of those nifty 6$ holder things and have only been burned once or twice from grabbing the connector too quick after soldering - really recommend getting one of the ones with a magnifying glass too.

Oh snap. Had to hurt like hell

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I don’t burn myself… Well because I’ve worked on cars and electronics my whole life. Can feel the heat/electricity (magnetic field). Just something I’ve gotten used to over 20 years of building things.

But I cut the shit out of myself all the time because me and blades = not friends.

Edit: hell not even blades, random stuff like corners of nickel strips, next thing you know I’m a leaker. Me and super glue = best friends


Ya I try to avoid blades, even though I sent to culinary school. I just got happy one day and chompped on my thumb. It was nassstyyy… I found a little mini vice that I’ve been using for awhile but i would love a jigg so I can stop wasting connectors. I also wear one glove on my right hand so I can hold hot cables or connectors. But it definitely feels retarded


I purchased the holder with alligator clips and magnifying glass at harbor fright for $4 it helps alot but I end up always burning my self somehow lol

Funny thing is I’m generally used to electronics, I’ve built custom PCs since I was in Middle school and I’ve been a Technician at a dealer since 2005 I’ve also build several race cars from the ground up and I’ve only gotten burned maybe 3 times working on cars and non have been real bad. Cuts? That’s a different story I got stitches on 2 differe occasions because of early 90s nissans lol

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btw - what batt packs are these? Looks rather large to be for ebikes… my next guess would be gocart / car or maybe a powerwall…

Im a bit lazy trying to figure out cell config… but non the less, looks like decent size battery operation

Definitely had my share of burns usually it’s the hot end on my printer but have definitely hit myself with the wrong end of the soldering iron before as well. I pretty much always throw on some safety glasses now when I’m dealing with solder on thick wires or bigger components where there might be blobs flying since I had one burn me a bit just under my eye and I need my eyes for work and stuff.

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I try to keep a safe work area while soldering, My dad was always careful with soldering, so I try take extra per-cautions.

Edit: I never got burned by a soldering iron, don’t ask me about oven stuff :joy:


I once put my soldering iron in my coffee and caused a small eruption. It was a good coffee too Used to use all kinds of props and mcgyver type support systems for soldering and then bought a third hand solder station with all kinds of lovely clamps and flexible thingys and a magnifying glass with a light. Awesome. Now I’m burn free.

I find this stuff really good for ‘quick fix and continue working’ type scenarios its pretty much medical superglue

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