Getting issues with winning remote after a week

Hey there guys,

So about a couple days ago, my first problems started appearing with my winning nano remote. At first it was only when the remote was low on battery, that was an easy fix I just charge it every day. Now it seems the signal cuts out randomly for like 1 second which makes the brakes go full power. Last time it happened I was going only about 15mph and I managed to just run off the board, but any faster and I would have eaten the ground (I do wear a helmet :slight_smile:). I’m wondering if there is any setting in the BLDC tool that would allow the board to cruise until the remote reconnects? Any help would be immensely appreciated !:smile:

Also this morning while riding back from getting a couple groceries, I hit a pretty big curb. At first I thought the board was fine but then realized it just didnt have any power… thought it had to be a problem with the on/off switch. Realized at home one of the wires came off, gonna need to bring it to the RC hobby shop so the guy can wire it back for me :confused:

Specs : VESC, 6355 190kv TorqueBoard motor, 2x4s 5000mAh 20-30c, on/off switch from diyelectricskateboard, winning nano remote.

The winning nano remote is known to be unreliable, you shouldn’t use it for your safety.

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Wow… Ok :frowning: Do you think there is a chance I could send it back to the seller? I mean it’s obviously a dangerous product if unreliable and no way to fix

It depends on where you bought it. If it was an esk8 reseller you should contact him, if it’s from aliexpress or similar, i really doubt this is possible. Just take a look at this

Yup, I got it from .

Sounds like you just need to set the fail safe. Check out this thread:

Yes at least you have to set the fail safe in neutral position and check if it is really working. Please check also your range. How far away can you go from the board till you don’t have a reliable function?

Anyway, I would not trust that controller. You should contact them and maybe change it for the “mini” one, trigger style. That is way better and also a bit cheaper

This is my first actual crash… my remote was great for 2 weeks… started having problems with it over the that week or so. The throttle was stuck on, breaks wouldn’t respond at all still accelerating and suddenly they hit… tried to run it out but I was doing over 20mph at that point… It’s 100% the remotes failer that caused mine.