Getting longest distans as possible in 27km/h with 10s2p

Hey guys.

I wanna build a light weight board that is optimal at 27km/h.

The wheels will be abac 97 refly 74a and the battery pack is a sanyo 20700B 10s2p.

What should my motor/wheel pulley be and what motor kv should I use?

Is there a way to calculate when the motor is at optimal erpm for max range?

There is this which gives a good estimate

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edit. half asleep! 10s2p. drop some weight for more range! push start, carry up hills.

Was more thinking if there is a rpm when the motor is most efficient and syncing that for the speed I have for most of the time.

I’ve heard a couple times on the forum that when you accelerate, there would be a “waaaa” sound coming from the motor at around mid throttle. :joy: Yea, I know it’s weird but try it on a bench and see when you hear the sound.

You should hear it in a 3 mph range. For me, I hear the sound at 19-21 MPH on a bench.

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Thanks, sounds weird but will totally try it tomorrow :sweat_smile:

But it still feels like there would be a way to calculate this. Maybe its too different between each motor out there.