Getting poor performance on first Build 190kv 6355 8s 5000mah VESC

Hey guys So I just set up everything on my first build and everything looks fine except when I got on it, it will barely climb a small hill (10% incline). Its max speed on flat is probably 10-15 mph, but when I checked on the calculator my estimated speed was around 20-25 mph with 70% efficiency Maybe I’m missing some settings on the BLDC tool? Something has got to be wrong… Also Im only 140lbs Any help would be very helpful :sweat: Thanks in advance Pablo

Im not sure how to help you but I am interested to see since my build is going to be with pretty much those exact specs

I have probably done something wrong… but I was so excited to get it running and it was fun but quite decepointing it couldn’t even get up a hill…

Post pics of your setup, that will help. And some screen shots of your settings if your are unsure

With 8S, you should be getting good performance! Definitely sounds like you need to modify BLDC. Hope someone on the forum has reccommended settings for a 190 kV 6355 8S configuration.

low amp limit?

My motor amp limit is set to 60 :confused:

What gearing?

What’s your battery cutoff? Pics of VESC settings would be useful.

16/36T 83 mm wheels

I believe my battery cut off is at 30-33, realised it should be lower. This is probably why it was slughish, it must’ve sensed the battery was too low when it was around 60% charge and that is why its been so slow, going to change these settings as soon as I get home, unfortunately stuck at work for a few hours. Let me know if that could possibly be the issue!

yes thats exactly what it is. once the low voltage kicks in you have limited power, so very low top speed and slow…

8s is only 33v when full, so I would use about 28/29v 8*3.5 which will have the packs around 3.7 resting…

youre going to want to strap everything down a bit more for full power! :sunglasses:

Oh of course! Also i had to remove all the temporary strapping for you guys to see the actual setup. Also need to locktite the motor mount. This all makes sense now, I guess I was so impatient to try it out that I didnt think of battery cut off yesterday. Ill change the settings and let you know, but I have a feeling I found the issue. Thanks again y’all for the help!

I confirm that the low voltage cutoff was the issue! Charged my batteries fully and changed the values of the cutoff, it now works like a beast!!! Wow that thing is way more powerful than I thought it would be! I feel like I could go up a 30% incline with… Although not for too long haha Thanks again for all of you!!!

Sweet! Good to know for my build