Getting rid of stuff for super cheap

I’ve got a bunch of motor mounts I cast using this mold. And I’ve got pulleys and belts and one of DIYElectricSkateboard’s escs and programming boxes. Kegel wheels with a pulley. Take all this stuff please. Sell u the mounts for solely the cost of the truck. Some of the mounts need to be finished (bolt holes or better facing making the motor parallel to the wheel). But easy and I don’t want to take the time. These are solid. Very tight fit and use a 63mm motor and pulleys and belts come with it. Make me an offer and unlikely I’ll turn it down Also have a nunchuck and it’s connection for the vesc done by Chaka. 10$ Have real abec pulleys that sit in the wheel and don’t need any mounting hardware. 44 tooth I think. From and you can find info on endless-sphere about them. Made by dirkdiggler Some steel 6mm pulleys but mostly 8mm aluminum which pair perfectly with the 3D printed kegel pulley and super short belt. Ridden but barely.

The mounts are resin and carbon maybe bit of Kevlar. Also have a tacon160 that needs a shaft pressed back in that I don’t want to do. New. And another used.


src=“” width=“375” height=“500”> Take the mold make ur own. I used a vacuum chamber and pressure pot in producing the ones I’m selling

Take the little board with its motor and mount and wheels and pulleys and belt and the 6s DIYElectricSkateboard esc and programming box for 130. The esc unused the other parts rarely.

why didnt i think of that ? super genius !

Also o a roarocket large vacuum bag and all it’s fixins which I never used and will sell. The cost for me was like 140 I think if not more. Shipping from canada there’s rediculous tariffs. Take it for half.

Glad u like them. It was fun. And now it’s done.

Sounds great Ill get some

You are a discerning purchaser I’ve come to find! Write me or better yet call and we can figure it quickly and get all my stuff out the door to you. 415-849-8130 John

What are the pulley options?

The mount is not adjustable and I have pulleys that go with it. You could do adjusting using a pulley calculator and chang both pulleys but I recommend just using what I have. Cheap and a good super tight fit.

Its 44T to how many teeth?

44 for the pulleys that go in the abec. I’ve two of those. New. The pulleys that go with these…I forget. But look on eBay and I think vojobar is still selling the ones he makes on his 3D printer out of pla and it’s one of those. Think is 34 or 36. The motor pulley is 16 or 17 I think. 8mm shaft hole

How much for a motor mount? Or do you sell trucks with it connected already? I’ll be using 36t and 14t with a Tacon 160, I’m very interested!

The motor mounts are not adjustable so ur better taking my pulleys and belt that go with it. The trucks are permanently connected. Take mount both pulleys two wheels and belt. 80$. The wheels aren’t new but good and the other parts…the wheel pulley maybe went 10 miles. U do need to drill these mounts. Not hard. I could do it actually. Goes well with the tacon160

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Let’s make a deal, I’ll take them

How big are the kegel wheels?

They are 80mm longboard wheels.

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What size is your vacuum bag and what fixing come with it. Thanks.

I’ll have to check the size to make sure but it’s definitely big enoug for a looong board. The parts are all that came with it. Still all packaged. In original box.

I you still using the nunchuck? I got one thinking it would be a good choice with the vesc but lost the signal constantly. No way I could ride with it. It wasn’t hardwired though

Here’s my remaining pile of parts I’m trying to get rid of cheap

Abec wheel pulleys are white on the right. 6mm and 8mm motor pulleys. Also have the charger and broken power supply not in the picture. And a bunch of other new caliber base plates that are unused as well as some other mounts like these I poured. And my skatepark board with a motor attached. And an unused 6s esc that’s from diyelectric and think it’s “Favorite” with a programming box. …and probably other stuff. Hard to see but there’s a pulley in the kegel

How much for everything. PM me and let me know what we can do! Thanks

Are u in USA? I only have some motor mounts left. Or get the hub motors!!

too bad i’m cash strapped at the moment , but those hubs are looking sssSO FINE ! ! ! !