Give me my money back @enertion

I have an 2.1

@CarlCollins let’s start our own Esk8 company


4 months from order to this day. No unity in sight. Last update July.

Some asshat keeps changing the bait.

Have you tried connecting the switch directly to the Unity and also check the charge port wire beneath the display?

For real?





For real?



Carl, I am new to this forum and not belittling the assistance you gave in the past but my experience with you was not positive. I also had trouble with my Unity and tried to claim under warranty. All of my multiple emails got ignored until I falsely claimed I wanted to buy two new Raptors. Within about 10 hours (overnight) you replied and were happy to tell me all about the Raptor, when you thought there was a sale in it. I immediately came clean with you about why I was emailing and I was put straight back on ignore.

Whilst at Enertion you were more than happy to suck more people into their mess and are now here offering to help everyone out. A bit rich (and unethical) to be honest, since you were part of the problem only last week…


Let it go, man. Carl is no longer associated with Enertion, and he no longer has to follow their flawed customer service model.


Hey @barajabali I sent an E tray to you on 12th of August recorded delivery, not sure if you received it? If you did would you be able to send it back to me? Contacted UPS & they said it’s not at the post office?

Hoping I can get it back and get it repaired in Europe somewhere.

Thanks in advance

Hey pm me your details I’ll see if I have it. Pretty sure I don’t have anything at all left

I have an explanation for this but it’s not necessary to provide it now. All I can say is when you are working under a firm or business, you are bound by their rules and regulations.

Carl, I don’t know you and don’t want to come across as argumentative but that is a pretty weak response in my opinion. Sounds like the old “I was just following orders” excuse trotted out by people for years. If there is a different explanation why would you not give it??

I stick by my comments, you knew the situation at Enertion and still actively tried to extract money from people knowing they would likely never see their products. I work in the legal profession and another way of putting it is… FRAUD, that’s the bottom line.


Bill, I don’t have an issue calling someone out on their poor behaviour. There are countless people around the world who probably have the same view given that they have been ripped off for thousands of dollars. I gather you aren’t one of those people.

How many times do we hear the “I was just following orders” excuse from people for their own unethical (and potentially criminal) behaviour?

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You know, you’re right that I wasn’t a true victim here. No real skin in the game, so I might feel differently if I had gotten worked over by Enertion. I just feel a bit bad for the guys who still get splash damage from the policies set forth by Jason.

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I don’t know why you are targeting individually. You might not aware of the situation at that time and I am not using the sentence “I was just following the orders” as an excuse.

About this thing, I don’t think I will be getting any of the money by doing that, will I? Is it going to be in my personal pocket? I don’t think so but still you are calling and blaming me for it.

Man, all I can say is there are many protocols that customers are not aware of so it might be the fault of the perspective you are viewing it by so there is no one to blame about it.

Honestly, if it’s was in my personal hands, situation might be quite different.

Think about it for a second, man!


Really very sad to see this

I completely agree with you man

Now, considering that this is no longer the case, logic would suggest that you are not obliged to follow those rules. That is, unless you have signed a non disclosure agreement, they owe you money, or the carrot of being rehired when Enertion’s financial situation recovers has been dangled in front of you.

Nobody is angry at you particularly, however as you are in a unique position of knowledge, people are quite reasonably looking for answers to interpret Enertion’s corporate conduct and policies (of which you would be aware).

Now, I would not suggest that you need to insult or lay blame on any individual, but perhaps providing a factual recollection of how complaints/queries were responded to (or not responded to) might provide some useful insight to forum members.

Of course @barajabali could also share his unique insight but I will leave that up to him.

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I agree with you @baxter . To give you a hint about it. When I joined this company or if you join any company, you always sign a contract to not disclose all of the things to the customer base. It’s kind of the basic rule in the business. There are multiple reasons for not disclosing everything publicly. and one of them is restriction and 2ndly, lack of information when multiple departments are involved. I always ignore or haven’t responded to the emails because of the following reasons 1: Only person handling the emails 2: Filters are not working correctly 3: Was advised to follow up on some picked cases. (Special ones) 4: Only have information about some of the things 5: Picked the cases which I think I am able to answer without any assistance or info required from other departments.

I think it’s more than enough explanation. @barajabali He is well aware of it as he also faced it.

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