Give me my money back @enertion

Lastly, I do understand that @Jima9645 is really upset about his situation with the board. Luckily when he initiated the email, I was clearing all of the new tickets first because I don’t want any email to be left unanswered when it came in, Kind of trying to answer every new email with an initial response at least. That’s why I responded to him but after that more emails came in and I started to answer them from bottom to top and still I wasn’t able to answer all of them due to the quantity.

I am sorry about it but I don’t know why I have to be sorry even though I tried as much as I can to answer as many emails as possible. (I am not trying to be rude here)

Thank you for your considered response.


No worries

How so? Selling products that you either don’t have or reasonably believe can’t be supplied, not honouring warranties, not even returning emails is totally unethical.

Obtaining a benefit by trickery or deceit is the very definition of fraud.

I am amazed that you continue to defend this.

Obviously this discussion will get nowhere.

Nobody is getting their money back or the products they have paid for. The only way forward from here is legal action (if you have the resources and energy) and ensuring you tell your story where ever you can to ensure nobody else gets defrauded.


This has been tried before. :wink:


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I am not sure if you are listening or not.

Technically, I can only assist people with what the higher management provides me with. and I also have to make sure that no one gets any information which is incorrect right? So the claims you’ve been making are not linked to me individually and are not applicable as I am no longer part of the Enertion.

I am not defending anybody, I am just stating the facts

My only job was to reply to you guys with the available data/provided data and I think I have done more than that already or you can say I always tried to.

Yeah! Not sure why you are raising this point now as I am not the decision taker in Enertion board, am I?


Ya all they are fine, I don’t know what’s happening but I can’t send messages that often on this forum I have to wait for like a week to post another. It’s really weird, as if as they don’t want my board to get fixed.

Is there anybody that can help with enertion at the moment. I bought 2 x unity in May I received them at the end of September. 1x unity powers up fine the other was dead on arrival. I’ve emailed support… I was directed to start a help desk ticket which I’ve also done. I’ve had no tangible response I attached links to videos showing me testing the voltage of the battery connected and testing the switch. I paid for the instant replace warranty. I’m of a mind to just contact my bank and arrange for them to refund me for the platinum warranty and 1 x focbox unity and move on with my life.

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Do this sooner rather than later. The few customer service people they had helping have jumped ship due to the terrible situation at Enertion.


Not sure what might be the issue

Wow man, you are taking this far too personal, he was being a faithful worker following orders, you mean he was supposed to fight with his boss like Mr Incredible?

Carl Collins you made the right choice, goodto have you around! Join us at the esk8 new forum


Carl is over with us already.


Thank you for the understanding man


Just a quick reminder:

@CarlCollins and @barajabali are not obligated to visit both forums to get their hourly Enertion beatings.

I’ve seen both work to solve problems for the community as members, for free, not as Enertion employees.

Both have helped me out over the years, and I appreciate it.

I’m sorry they got caught working for an imploding Enertion. But they aren’t Jason. Cut them some slack.


Good to see you still here, sad story for everyone…


@anorak234 can you change @CarlCollins’s ‘ sub-title as he’s no longer with Enertion?


Thank you for your kind words mate!

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Thank you!

Yeah I would like to change that


Ben hooked you up!