Give me my money back @enertion

quero que devolva meu dinheiro tambem, @SeeTheBridges

Enertion website have changed the wheels shipping date once again…now its december…let me guess…they want the best formula possible so they started over again…going on december i reckon that, and this is ONLY a guess, they will push forward another month cause they still not sure about that formula…on 2025 they will still be chasing the pink dragon and pushing even further for new formula that includes admantium (same stuff that goes into wolverine’s bones) but its still not quite there…so they will speak with thanos and find the 5 infinity stones to come up with the ultimate formula for wheels but i reckon if we wait until then we could wait until we travel to the underworld and come up with the undying everlasting wheels… This sound promising but i may be dead by then…thanks enertion…



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Aw man I’m just sad, F.

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Unfortunately the system won’t let me send you a personal message @barajabali

So whats the current state with enertion? Are they bankrupt? There site is still online and I can order the Raptor and Unity. …but will never get them?!? I have a Raptor 2.1 and love it. Bad range but great Power with a stealthy look. The only thing is I need new wheels and I have no idea where to get them. Will they ever be produced again? Should I wait for some wheels to be produced or try to sell the Raptor? What would you do? Thanks.

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Enertion is pretty much dead. I wouldn’t buy from them.


Get a different drivetrain and slap it on there.

Upgrade battery to 21700 maybe.

Yeah Jason is not currently shipping our orders. @onloop

Hey Carl can you help me out? I ordered parts from enertion on 10th August 2019 but they never came. Nowadays saw they closed the company and I am short 923$. To who I need to write in Enertiin to vet my money back. Thanx


Whoa dude. You’re way out of the loop. I’ll break it down for you.

Enertion (Jason Potter or @onloop here on the forum) took a bunch of our money with no means to deliver. Basically theft.

They didn’t deliver what we ordered.

Then he traveled around the world with that money he stole promoting Enertion. Which was just another fail of his.

That didn’t work because he’s a serious goofball.

Then Enertion went out of business.

He’ll tell you to contact Chiefly. The liquidation service. But that won’t help because he’s selling the products that he owes us illegally under a different name to pocket the cash.

The owners of this forum support his scamming. So they won’t help.

So in short. You’re fucked dude. Do a chargeback with your credit card company. Hopefully you can recover it through them.


bump 10potters. We need updates.

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Looks like I am also in the same boat like you guys, I am also waiting for my last paycheck to delivered and it’s been more than 2 years now. :frowning:




Sorry Carl, we all pray Jaypo gets what’s coming to him in the next life, hopefully re-incarnated as a mosquito or something equally small and insignificant.