Give me my money back @enertion

Thanks man


@onloop (Jason Potter) can you pay Carl the money he’s owed for labor worked for your company?

You seemingly have restarted Enertion under the Massive Stator name, perhaps paying back those that lost money via Enertion is a good place to start in making reparations.

You’ve been giving out thousands of dollars in gear in your ESK8-BRO ambassador program, why weren’t the people that were left out in the cold handled first?


Thanks for the support but I don’t think he is in the mood of doing it. He is not responding back to any of my messages and emails


your fault for trusting this community. Should have asked for money upfront that is always safer for you.

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I’ve been asking him for 2 years before saying anything here on the forum.

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but did you use the magic word?

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Hi !

I was interested in the new Tenka controller and found this thread.

I’m a bit confused: is this a product from Jason Potter @onloop ???

If that’s so, and all this thread is true, how is it possible that the community allows him to keep posting/promoting/selling his products ? (And also being an esk8 bro…)

And if this is not true, why admins don’t close this thread ?



Oh nah nah nah nah

Everything is chill bro

Nobody even cares it will be taken care of for sure tho no question

Haha ok I understand, life is not fair…

Well, as I can’t do much for people that has been robbed, I guess all I can do is refrain from buying the tenka and hope for everyone to do the same.

My plan B is Maytech superfoc, I’ll post a review once I’m more advanced

Thanks for the feedback

Facebook does not ask questions until something does not work for them.

I like to get VESCs from the VESC shop on the corner.

Naah! What is the magic word?

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Does it go with pardon my french ? :grin:

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if there was no one listening it would not matter…


Still no one is listening :frowning:


Nope. Been a while.