Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Now I haven’t bought from every well known seller on this forum, but I’ve bought from enough to know which ones are worth buying from again. With my current build which is now almost finished I had a lot of specific things that had to get done and a lot of great sellers whom I could not have gotten this far without. To name a few: @psychotiller - The enclosure I ordered is absolutely perfect, accurate down to the mm. It looks amazing and is incredibly sturdy yet just the right amount of flexible.
@oriol360 - The ESC I bought works exactly as it should, could not be happier with it. Remarkably small and a great price for all it packs in. The charging adapter I first ordered had a problem, a new one was on its way within a day after the problem was reported and it works perfectly. @barajabali - The custom batteries I bought (2 x 6s1p 4500mah) are incredibly well done, neatly laid out and everything works as it should. The greatest thing about these batteries is their size, so small and still gets me a decent range.

The key items that all of these sellers have in common are that they were patient and answered all of my questions diligently, and the ordering process was easy. If there was a problem or misunderstanding, it was responded to quickly and in proper manner. These are the kind of people that deserve to have their hard work recognized.

With that being said, what are some positive experiences you all have had with sellers? Its about time they be given credit. Big thanks!


Ollin Board Company. I had a reverse polarity event fry part of the vesc, it was repaired free of charge and I was riding again within the week. I used to ride bare without an enclosure and had some water damage, yet they still repaired it free of charge, albeit with a scolding. Besides the user-inflicted damage, this thing is invincible and the customer service is exquisite and necessary to foster a young and budding market. 10/10 would pay $175 for a vesc again in a heart beat.


Thanks brotha! I really appreciate it.


Props to @barajabali - really knows his stuff, really takes the time to explain if you have questions, his work is precise, uses quality components (from glue to cells) and looks good. It’s really cool this community has a resource like bara where you can get good batteries of nearly any imaginable configuration.


@LEVer has been really helpful and supportive with my CarvOn hub motors. Very happy with them.

@chaka provided valuable feedback before I made my purchase and a quality product, didn’t need support after that.

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Great idea for a thread @anorak234 !

Wow, where do I start? So many folks here have been instrumental in my learning (and my provision of parts) that it’s hard to sum it all up. Nonetheless, I’ll give it a try!

In no particular order:

@torqueboards has never failed to give me helpful advice and has a collaborative approach to his product development that I really admire. I have his mounts, pulleys, and belts and they are awesome.

@onloop gave me lots of feedback on my first build and also sold me my first VESC when there were was no other way to buy a VESC, for which I’m very thankful.

@psychotiller helped me immeasurably when I was first building and had a lot of questions. I have one of his motor mounts and it’s a piece of art! I can’t wait to eventually buy his billet hubs.

@chaka saved me when I couldn’t figure out how to wire a programmer to for my VESC, and I have one of his awesome VESCs with the heatsink that I use daily.

@MasterCho makes an excellent GT2B mod and I have more than one of those, he’s very talented and a great communicator. I also have a @mastercho enclosure that has the most beautiful lines I’ve ever seen on an enclosure!

I have a madmunkey mod from @FLATLINEcustoms waiting for a GT2B to call home, and it’s a great piece that I can’t wait to use!

@JLabs ran a group-buy for motors and I have new, sensored 6374 going into my next build, he did a superb job getting these hard-to-find motors made.

@fedestanco just ran a group-buy for a new motor mount design and they arrived looking slick. I’m happy I jumped in on it!

I haven’t purchased anything from @longhairedboy or @barajabali (yet) but they’re also vendors that impress me with the quality of their work as well as their contributions to our community here.

ALL of these friends have offered their help before I was a customer; sharing their experience and knowledge just because I was a community member looking for help. I’ve always been treated me with respect by the vendors here.

That could be, in part, because I’m a good customer :slight_smile:

My experience has been that all of the vendors here on the forum are excellent when customers know what to expect from a small business (occasional delays and issues).

It bothers me when I see harsh criticism of vendors from (usually new and inexperienced) buyers who expect immediate responses and amazon-speed delivery. Imagine trying to sell 500 of anything on your own from a garage or basement. The logistics are very challenging.

The folks who become vendors here do it because they love the art of building esk8s, and they want to innovate and share what they’ve created with others. Everyone should respect that.

Outside of the forum, Li-Ion Power and Bestech came through for me with 18650 cells and a BMS respectively. I also get cells on Amazon and I haven’t gotten any duds yet!


@treenutter @anorak234 @guyguy

I feel the love! Thank you guys, I love being on the forum and doing what I can to get e-boarding and E-mountainboarding out to everyone :slight_smile:


I’m grateful to be part of the community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support and all the likes.

@treenutter I read your “Crazy” detailed build thread to build mine for the first time.

@whitepony showing the great skills and the honest critics, your work is an inspiration.


I would be nowhere without this forum and its members. I certainly wouldn’t be building ridiculously over powered rocket sticks for people out of my garage, and i certainly wouldn’t be anywhere near approaching the dream of having my own thing going on my own terms and being able to live on it.

so thanks to all of you for making this forum fucking amazing. I talk about this place every time i talk esk8, and half the time the people i’ve met have already been here or heard about it. We all built this community, we’ve watched it grow into something crazy and wonderful and all of you are to thank for it.


I love positive energy threads :wink:

I can say 100% for sure if it wasn’t for the awesome customers who took a gamble investing their hard earned cash with an unkown garage startup called ‘enertion’ back in may 2014 there would be no enertion…this forum may not exist… and I’d just be a stay at home dad trying to cope with the burning desire to achieve something greater in life.

Each new product that I designed and released to the community has been a huge risk. I am fortunate that these risks have paid off and been mostly successful & its because people have trusted that enertion will deliver (eventually)… Many of these projects rely on the trust and support of the community. I am extremely gratefully for the support.

Enertion has grown rapidly since 2014. We have thousands of customers now & ship to 88 different countries, Have 6 staff & have more big plans. To be honest this all came as a bit of a shock… the original plan was just to make motor mounts and earn some pocket money to spend on my boy.

The best news to come out of all this is there are now a handful of exciting new esk8 startups coming up and starting to innovate and take new risks. If these guys work hard and make awesome products in two years from now they will likely need to work their business full time, hire staff and write business plans n’shit.

I have said it before. Vendors need the community! And the community needs vendors!. That why it’s so important we all get along and keep pushing innovations and keep driving the industry forward together as one.

The industry is growing and the future is looking bright.


I DON’T DO SHOUT OUTS, BUT IF I DID… @barajabali - Chi Boards @FLATLINEcustoms

@Nowind- Jenso- e-toxx

@onloop- Jason- Enertion

Trampa EMTB


I have had great experiences with purchasing and communication with

  • Dexter @ www. in purchasing parts for two builds one including a 12s3p. Have dealt with warranty issues as well even through his move. Would definitely do business again.
  • Dave @ in purchasing an enclosure. The experience was flawless. Communication was quick and precise.
  • Mastercho in purchasing a gt2b mod. Again a perfect experience. The mod is beautiful as well.

Also I’d like to thank Michaelinvegas for organizing group buys for all of us to save a few dollars and asking nothing in return. It’s very nice of you to give up your time to help others out. You rock dude.

Lastly I have consulted with barajabali a few times regarding batteries. There is an issue shipping batteries to Canada which I can understand. He is very knowledgable and returns messages pretty quick. Finally there may be a legal way to get batteries to Canada via The responsibility is on the buyer to sign up and give the seller an address to ship to. So if it’s in the cards next year I will get him to build a battery for me.

I didn’t actually tag anyone cause I can see that being annoying all the time.

Cheers everyone.



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Sorry for the duplicate thread, feel free to add more replies, or if admins wish to delete this one, no problem.

@chaka ollinboard company VESC, after one year! Water splashes and abit of abuse, still going strong. Very nice!

@trampa Trampaboard quality, too good.

This forum, is king of all esk8 knowledge. Thanx to @onloop for keeping it alive.

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The general consensus on @chaka’s VESCs is that they are solid items! I’ve yet to use a VESC but I feel I’d get one from Ollin.

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Don’t close it, positivity threads are great. Just thought it would be relevant to add the comments from both topics


Yes, great idea :smiley::sunglasses:

I’ve bought 3 motors, motor mounts, a remote and a VESC, among other things, from from . Great support, fast shipping, would definitely recommend.

I’ve boght a VESC, remote, x2 simple charge ports and a couple of other things from Great supports and incredibly fast shipping, would definitely recommend.

I’ve bought 2 enclosures from They rock, he rocks, incredibly helpful with advice, fast shipping, would definitely recommend.

I’ve never actually bought anything from, until yesterday, but I think it deserves mentioning that without @onloop this forum wouldn’t exist. Thanks for that brudda.

Hostly I think all these guys have at least 2 thing in common…They live to skate, hence they make really good products.

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Recommended my classmates and colleagues in other departments placing their VESC orders at, because of the great service I experienced on my order! They need to control some motors for their diploma thesis project and asked me for advice regarding the controller :grin:

Thank you for providing continuous exceptional high quality parts and service! @chaka

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