Glass fiber / carbon fiber enclosure

Need help with my battery and vesc case :yum: I searched on the internet for days for a battery case but nothing that i like or a good price thats fits on my board so i wanted to make my own with fiberglass my board has a camber like the picture here… will the fiberglass hold up with flexing the board? where to buy the fiberglass and resin? Hope you guys can help me out or give a good battery case… Pictures for what i was thinking off…


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Cover your deck and mold, put it on your board and make the enclosure, that way it Will fit you exact board perfectly

I have a perfect battery enclosure for you.

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My board has a camber if i mold it to the board will it holdup to a little flexing?

Depends how much it flexs, what deck is it?

your board has… camber? image we call it concave here.


Slammed indeed

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Umm i made it myself but it flex around 5cm i hope it would work

:joy::sob: ok thanks for the info

If it flexes 5 cm you may find you’ll have more problems than the fibreglass standing up to the abuse… The enclosure may ground? The battery may flex? Best bet is sectional or separate short enclosures I would have thought?

My board now looks like this the case you see is the esc and reciever case so i can better make somethink like a boosted board battery case in the front?