Glass frit on a vinyl sticker (top of deck)?


I was wondering if such an option is possible without damaging the vinyl sticker.

I want to put a vinyl sticker on top of the board and bond it well to the wood, then cover the vinyl with epoxy and put some fine glass frit on top of it preserving some transparency, while keeping grip.

Is it possible/viable?

Maybe somebody knows some glass frit sources in Europe?

How should I extra-bond the vinyl to the deck so it’s not the weakpoint and it doesn’t peel from the wood?

I asked about this. I like sticker bombing stuff. Was told to put a think clear over the stickers first and let it cure completely. Then apply epoxy/polyurethane and frit.

Try 3m spray adhesive. Should do the job.

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Interestingly auto suggestions didn’t show it. Oh well. I don’t want the clear coat to melt the vinyl, but I guess I should just use a normal clear coat I used on my board? Aka aerosol.

And 3M adhesive for sticking the vinyl extra good on the board that is?

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Yeah i think the epoxy will damage the ink in the vinyl worse than the clear. And yeah spray adhesive should be plenty to bond the vinyl down. I’m thinking of doing the same soon. If i get to it first i let you know any bumps i run into.

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That would be great.

I figure epoxy/polyester would get through the clear though…

I found this. Would “Fine” fit my needs? Powder seems to be completely powderized(who could have guessed by the name??).

I think @briman05 did something similar with comic pages.

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I know lhb, sender and briman all use fine to medium frit. Different looks/feel.

Go check out LHB Instagram


He seems to use hell of a coarse one. :open_mouth:

I would test some vinyl on some wood first to see the effects. Is there going to be ink on the vinyl because then you have to think if the ink is soluble. I would put the vinyl down then spray it with krylon acrylic spray for a few coats then. Use epoxy or spar urethane.

This is what I use image

Vinyl 651 or higher is good to go.

631 - removable, wall cling 651 - permanent unless you use a scraper and goo gone and swear words, I use this on my Rueger car sticker 951 - marine grade vinyl. Used on boats specifically not to sun fade or corrode. Id go with that to be safest.

Stealing from @Skunk’s loctite chart here

It comes down to porousness of the sticker really. I wouldn’t want epoxy fading out that beauty


Test test test. Get a scrap of plywood or something and try different stuff.

I feel like just epoxy over the top is fine. But I would test first.

Here are some medium frit examples.20181205_130156 20181209_112912 20181124_132146 20181124_132020 20181205_125451

I like the medium much more than fine. I think it just looks cooler.


But would fine still grip enough? I want it to be less pronounced and not as ruining to my shoes and skin if something like unwanted contact happens. :slight_smile:

The skull one looks sick though.

Oh yeah fine is fine, I just don’t prefer it


It might be just fine then. x)

Why you don’t prefer it? Harder to apply? Maybe it falls off the epoxy easier?

20181008_103209 20181008_145420

Fine red frit. Though it is more orangey

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It is the look. It holds fine, but the chunky glass requires less and I just like it more.

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As I am aiming for clear one, maybe it won’t be as noticeable as the red one. :slight_smile: Do you have an example of “fine frit” that is clear by any chance?

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I don’t. Sorry. Yeah, it will be better than the red fine for sure. That was for a friend, I am not the biggest fan TBH.

I use fine on all of my builds except when I think it would be better with a coarser frit or a customer ask for it. But I will say this wet out the area you are putting the frit sprinkle it on and then let it dry then after it is dried put a thin coat so it locks the glass in between the 2 layers.