Glass frit on a vinyl sticker (top of deck)?

If I lock it in there’s not much way it gets out right? Doesn’t it affect the grippyness? The only fear about frit I have is that once epoxy is on and glass frit has the “eroded zones” from wear and tear, it ain’t coming off without some belt sander level stuff going at the board. :smiley:

you do a thin layer brushed on. I have had a board with glass frit on it for 2 years and it was a push board so it my foot is constantly going off and coming back on and I have not felt any difference. If you see a section that is worn down just brush the area with a thin coat of spar and sprinkle some net glass on it and your done. I have done about 20 boards all with glass frit for myself or for customers and never had an issue.


Well. Now it’s a solution because I miss clicked with the phone. :laughing:

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Hi! Did you tried the galas frit? I was also pallning to do it, but not sure about the gripness you get compare to normal grip tape. Where did you sokruce your glass frit? From the ebay link? I am in Europe too. If you also found a good epoxy or polyurethane solution let me know. I found local polyurethane products thst could work just fine, but sure about it. Thanks a lot!

Just found this source

Looks fairly cheap…

I bought my frit from the E-Bay link. Then I bought “leveling epoxy” which self levels on the surface. I still need to cut some corners on my board and get the vinyl made, so it’s on hold. I will update once it’s going.

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Thanks, did you went for the fine glass frit then I guess. Do you have a link for the leveling epoxy? Thanks

Well, I bought it locally, I don’t know the brand as it gets sold by quantity… Bought 1.5kg of it, should be enough for everything.

I guess you could find it somewhere locally too, just look for a “runny” kind of epoxy that’s not viscous, art supply stores or places that specialize in epoxy for tables/floors.

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20190218_162350 20190218_162431


Man! Your art works are amazing!. Since you are an expert in that. How do you feel the grip compare to normal grip tape? Do you use epoxy or polyurethane to hold the glass frit in place? Thx

I use epoxy. I feel like it locks the frit in better.

I prefer it over normal grip tape

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Thanks, would you described the grip really solid? I would need to try, since in my mind I see it more slippery than grip tape but probably it’s just my immagination

Just gotta try it man

yeh now I have too. I see too many glass frit and I need to try it too. I will first test it on trashed polywood

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So I guess the basic procedure is clean the board, then layer of epoxy, when it’s still wet apply grass frit (medium or fine, or a mix), then wait it to cure. Then top coating with a thin layer of epoxy. Is it right?

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Yup pretty much.

If using fine frit let the epoxy tac up a bit or it will just sink to the bottom and not give you good grip

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ah right good that you mentioned it. SO maybe super thin layer first, then wait a bit, second thin layer, grass frit so It can not sink anymore, then wait and top coating. I know I am gonna scratch myself the first time I will try to ride it :rofl:

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Grab some small 1/4" pieces of ply (like 4x4" ) and test some different techniques to figure out what you like

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thx I will do like that

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