Globe Sledgehog | TB 218 | 6384 Motor 200kv | DickHo Mount | 10S2P 36V | ESC

Wondering if the following would be a good set of parts for my first build. I already have a Globe Sledgehog board with the wider torqueboard trucks, along with 100mm mbs offroad wheels. I am mainly concerned with the battery output being a good match with the motor size and kv. I don’t want to be pulling to many amps if possible because of the budget esc. I was going to use the wowgo/ownboard cases for mounting everything. Thanks for the feedback!


Motor 6384 200kv

ESC Belt Motor 10s

Motor Pulley -16t 10mm bore

Wheel Pulley and Belt - 48t

Motor Mount

Not suggest to buy this pulley, go to find 5M36T and 5M12T pulley is better

Why 36 and 12? Isn’t 16 and 48 also a 1:3 ratio?

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I’d suggest getting wheel pulley + motor pulley from @dickyho too (same vendor as the motor mount + motors + esc).

Highly suggest avoiding that battery. Super underwhelming + potentially unsafe. You’re better off going for a better (maybe bigger) battery and a VESC.