GoFundMe for my Friend Joe Dubya aka @Socal_Legend

I don’t normally do this but Joe is my buddy.

And when someone FUCKS with my friends I go fucking nuclear!

I am pissed and upset.

You can read what exactly happened in the campaign. In a nut shell, the lady passed a red light and launched Joe 50ft broke toes and knees and elbows are fucked. His custom Evolve is a pile of toothpicks…memories of every group ride GONE.

Joe has had it tough personally the past few months…I didn’t add that to the campaign, because it’s personal. So, yeah it’s a fucking sob story…but Joe isn’t like that. He tucked the pain away and kept on spreading the electric shred. He is proof that Esk8 can set your soul free.

I am personally asking all of you on behalf of my friend Joe for a little help. If you do donate, please leave him a message of love and support. He needs it.

Thank you all for listening to me rant. You are my friends…my brothers and sisters. Thank you for always being here for me. Now I am asking you to be there for a stranger.

Big LOVE :heart: to all of you!


anytime bro.


Thank for your donation Cedric…you are always a class act sir


Joe is going to get a huge settlement from the lady’s insurance company for pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages, his board, etc. Here’s what Joe needs to do. First of all if he doesn’t have an insurance company to represent him then lawyer up! DO NOT TALK TO HER INSURANCE COMPANY DIRECTLY - refer them to your insurance/lawyer. Do not sign anything, again refer to previous statement. Get a copy of the police report. Her insurance company doesn’t want this to go to trial and get sued, they will settle out of court and this is where your experienced insurance company/lawyer will come into play. The settlement will also include the lawyer fees, so any upfront costs will be reimbursed.


@mccloed thank you bud

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For sure man… totally. Unfortunately it doesn’t make up for it compounding his already tough situation at this moment. When you are by yourself, what we think are normal steps to take, are impossible tasks when you don’t have a family you can count on. Try this alone.

$$ doesn’t make up for the memories lost because his board is trashed. It can’t make up for him missing the Evolve World Cup that is finally im California…he is crushed… He cried when he got home. Can’t ride. Esk8 is what keeps him alive…literally. He can’t support himself for the few weeks. He has no solid health coverage.

These are moments we feel most lost. When we have a crisis. These are the times we need other people to give a shit.


That’s why it’s important he has someone reliable in his corner to help him go through the process the right way. First step is getting him a solid lawyer.


@mccloed big love brother thank you for your donation


Hopefully Evolve steps in and helps him out with that


@MoeStooge love you man


hope your bud gets better soon -karl

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I am watching the donations come in…

I am crying like baby right now…

Love conquers all



I prefer PayPal. How can I help?

Bro thank you so much man

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dont know joe, never heard of him but donated 20 bucks anyway :slight_smile: hope he gets well soon.



@mutantbass huge love to you bro thank you

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I understand the ‘right now’ situation. There’s no need to worry about solid health coverage or any health coverage - that’ll be taken care of from her insurance. What I’m saying is that dealing with her insurance directly will result in him getting a fraction of what he deserves - like $5k instead of $50k or more. If her insurance company even finds him at 1% fault (like him going over the posted speed limit) they’ll say they owe him nothing. Her insurance company is not looking out for his well being, they don’t give a shit about him or his situation, they only care about paying as little as possible. If this went down as you say it did then any lawyer will jump on this case and work on a contingency fee, meaning they don’t get paid unless they win. Doing a quick Google search came up with this lawyer firm https://www.fararlawgroup.com/.


Sending well wishes to him as always. I love that he rides hard but has always worn his lid. Definitely a great guy with an awesome crew to ride with. Amazed that his injuries weren’t more serious with that kind of impact.

I really hope Evolve will make him a new skull GT deck, that thing is his branding! and he deserves it having provides such a positive light on their company


I feel for his situation, I know it’s tough. But he can get money immediately from his own insurance company while all this settles for his medical bills(if he has a car, and car insurance then this counts as bodily injury). And @K5_guy pretty much said everything I would have said. He will get a large settlement from her insurance company for this. I was hit by a car, and went through this same exact process.

But if he is hurting this badly for money early on then something isn’t being handled correctly. I mean, even if he cannot work, most people are paid every two weeks, so this shouldn’t be too big of a hit(yet).

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I totally agree with the community backing each other up. I just think the person responsible should be held accountable for this not the community.

Best of luck, hope he heals up quickly.


I hope Joe get a lot from this. I wonder if anyone got footage of what happened. I usually ride is the back of a group and have a camera strapped on me.

With AB604 giving esk8ers in California the same rights as a biker, it basically makes us pedestrians with the right of way.