Going over options to connect two VESCs to remote

Just to double verify - if I connect the 2nd VESC to the Benchwheel receiver, should I cut the 5v cable or I can leave it as it is?


I didnt know anything about this 5v pin. I just had both vescs plugged in as normal as an experiment and it worked. Mind you this was about October last year so the receiver may have changed. I lost my remote since then and chenged to the mini remote with the wheel on it. I think I prefer the bench wheel however.

Do not cut anything for the benchwheel.

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Glad I found this thread before I hooked up a CANBUS cable to my brand new FOCboxes! So I’ve read up on it a bit and I think I understand the danger with the canbus (if one vesc fails, they both do), but what’s the risk of the y-cable? Is it just the overpowering because of the two 5v sources, hence cutting one of the wires? With the canbus, aside from configuring wrong and designating one VESC the slave too early in the process, is there any actual risk?

I don’t think any user here reported an issue with y cable on v4 vesc. It just veder said it’s a bad idea with vesc 6.

With y cable you only need one wire PPM to the second vesc and both should be setup as master.

@High-roller Canbus works perfectly fine on 2wd. Canbus can be an issue when running 4wd.


Thanks for the reassurance. Still, I can’t help but worry, now that I know it can happen. Is there any real advantage to it over the y-cable? There are other ways to get real-time data and I don’t know how much of a difference having traction control makes. @Irdesigns what about the FOCbox, which is supposed to be somewhere in between? I think I read somewhere that it’s a sort of VESC 5…?

Telemetry via bluetooth can only be had for both VESC(s) if you use canbus. Traction control can only be had if you use canbus.

I am using the benchwheel so I can just plug both FOCBOX into the receiver. I plan to run a Bluetooth module on one FOCBOX for info. My enclosure is easy to remove so I can tune them without much trouble.

Edit: I do have a canbus cable on my workbench… maybe I should go with canbus… this is a tough decision!

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Let me know what you decide. I don’t want to lose two vescs because I didn’t connect a cable before naming them or something else equally trivial.

That’s the reason I’m cautious of canbus!

lol… Don’t touch it! It’s a canbus!

You’ll be fine…

watch out!


lol I’m not literally concerned with the cable. I’m concerned about screwing up the setting and frying a new focbox.

I’m leaning towards the y-cable option. Maybe I’ll switch to the CANbus when I grow up esk8-wise :wink:

The only reason I’m even considering canbus is for using the app for configuring vs taking enclosure off and attaching usb.

Couldn’t you just drill a USB sized hole in your enclosure and position your vesc for it?

I have made extension cables and mounted them in the enclosure in the past. Just trying to clean up the build a bit.

Don’t have a picture of mine. I took shaved off that numb all the way down until it was flat and slapped on an NFC tag. that is set up to open a GPS app on my Android phone

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