Gold Coast Hub motor Cruiser

This is a Gold coast Skateboards cruiser deck with what are essentially meepo board parts installed on it. It’s pretty quick and a good commuter board as picking it up and carrying it is very quick and easy. It works well, I just don’t use it enough right now and it’s just been sitting around in my room (roads are under construction, and a small deck doesn’t offer enough stability on large gaps in the pavement). Here are the parts:

dual 90mm hub motor with ESC/Remote

  • The remote has a forward and reverse switch and three speed modes, I find the middle one the safest to ride on, as on the fastest mode, the acceleration and breaking on this small deck can get quite scary, especially in a crowded city. It uses a wheel similar to the boosted boards for acceleration/braking control

10s2p 18650 battery pack, which charges with a laptop style charger that I will give with the board

the enclosure is made of bent sheet aluminum, and is screwed into the deck. I have ridden it over bad pavement and through puddles and it does a good job, although if you’re into aesthetics, you may want to replace it with something nicer.

I don’t know exactly how much I want to sell this for, but I’ll be reasonable. I’m also looking for a maytech 6474 170 Kv motor, a maytech ESC, and a 10s4p flatpack, so I may be open to trades.

I also have two spare 90 mm hub motors, a dual hub esc with a broken phase wire (easily soldered back on) with the matching remote for it, as well as metal enclosures for a 10s2p battery and ESC that I’m looking to get rid of.


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How much?

Happy to take just the parts without the deck also.