Golden Rider Build

Finally finished this build and posted to Imgur. Some photos from the build:

Edit 1: I need to list the stuff I used -149 kV SK3 motor -Samsung 25R cells -A casted 50 degrees Calibers with one hanger replaced for a DIY milled 2034-T351 aluminum and grade 8 bolts -3d printed riser with led lights -VESC 4.7 -Aluminum motor mount in 6061-T6 -PETG battery case -6061-T6 aluminum deck at 3/16" thickness -Energus Power Solution 75/150 amp BMS


Nice build, great job on the battery pack. Let me know how you like the aluminum deck, I am building one now.

Nice grooves for the wheels. I assume you made them yourself. Is it for wet roads ?

The aluminum deck works well. Acts like a spring/dampening board as what I have expected.

The grooves should work well on wet roads but it picks up so much water that it was the worst design decision I made. I probably could increase the width of the channels to prevent the issue but cannot guarantee it will pick up water.