GoldenHuski antispark sale. on off switch very cool😎😎😎 honest guy for sure

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Where is the sale located? Looks like a very modest antispark switch (in a good way)… serves its function well, probably :slight_smile:

hope he is crediting Vedder and Fechter. Looks pretty straight forward - did he sell it soldered and ready or did you finish soldering it yourself?

Hello .i Just solder the12awg cabel and xt90 to Plug in my batery :roll_eyes:

@ parafodas Hi just bought one but there is no on and off switch can you send me a picture of your complete so I can make my own switch

Maybe this thread helps:

Thanks deathcookies I see where to weld the switch wire but is there a + or - when I am connecting the on off switch

No, the Switch does not care about the polarity. Just if you use a LED Switch you Need to wire the LED correctly but the three wires of the Switch itself does not matter

Thanks deathcookies. like this one but he is using one small thing on the +

@Redfire1 do you want to use a switch or a LED Switch? Also it matters how you connect the switch. When you connect the battery to the antispark, the switch should be in off position.

A switch with led

Thanks rich

Like this rich

Ok, it is important that it is a latching toggle switch ON/ON (SPDT).

OFF (antispark) = NC (switch) middle one (antispark) = C (switch) ON (antispark) = NO (switch)

For the LED you need a resistor, you find info about how to calculate the proper value in this forum.

Can I just not used and resistor

I just bought this switch to connect to it

Which side would connect to the vesc the yellow or black