Golf skate caddy battery charged but fades on load

I am brand new to this site… so please be gentle… Ha! I had my original series Golf Skate caddy on the charger and stored for the last year. My club just approved me to use it. When I pulled the charger and went to turn the unit on, power light only fades. I can start the unit while on charger and charger unit shows green and fully charged. Looks like GSC USA is no longer in business. Any help would be appreciated!!

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Do you mean it was left on charge for an entire year? As that isn’t really ideal.

It sounds like your batteries aren’t really connected. If turning it on on battery can only just light the power LED for a few seconds, that could just be residual energy from the charger, even dead cells should be able to handle more than that.

Thanks for responding!! As I research more about the situation, I had taken some bad advice and left the charger on the whole time in storage. It sounds like I may have “burnt out” the cells in a sense by overcharging. I have communicated with the manufacturer in Australia and they suggest replacing the battery. I am working with a supplier out of California to get the spec correct and get a new battery. Hopefully that will fix my issue and I can be smarter with this battery.

It’s possible these cells are just worn out, it would be useful to check the voltage of them, to make sure the fault some other issue (blown fuse,etc) may be stopping it working even though the cells have some life in them.

If that company are asking ridiculous prices for a battery, there are many esk8 battery builders that spend their days making custom battery packs to fit in boards of all shapes and sizes. You need to know the working voltage (Series Cells), the desired capacity (AmpHours), and the size/shape.

Good luck getting it running again.

I could build you a custom li-ion battery for it. If you are in the states it would likely be cheaper then shipping from out of country. Pm me if you are interested.


I’m interested I just acquired a GSC and the battery is shiiite… 36V 30 Ah is what it had…

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