Golf Skate Caddy, battery issue

I have a out of warranty GSC, Battery charges through the bms, but output dies with any load. Started with bad switch with light in it, while investigating, I accidentally touched the hot for light in the switch, to one of the switch wires. Pretty sure the output thru the bms is dead. Trying to find something to replace with, or wire bypassed output, with managed charge. They want $1400 for a battery. This board is bad, pretty sure, has that smell. Welcome any ideas you may have for a replacement or bypass. Just use now to tool around the campground when it was running.!

When made the 2 switch wires do nothing, when grounded to the ground going to the switch, I get 36 on one, 18 on other, & 36 on both. The wires sensing 1 -10 go up in voltage each one, all increase when charger connected. Pretty sure, swith on board is shot, my research , has me thinking of bypassing the output side, and adding an inline switch??

36 volt 30ah battery


Are you telling you put that on your esk8?!?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Isn’t that a lead acid battery? If so, why is there a BMS? :no_mouth: edit: Sike, it’s just a huge enclosure for the 18650 pack. :cowboy_hat_face:

Rather than bypassing the broken BMS, why not just buy a new one? They’re not that expensive, and you can get one that’s rated a little higher than the current one to keep from blowing another one.


Lithium, with 10 sensors on the pack

It has a switch on it, have seen those. It also has, something in black shrink wrap coming from the left side bms, three wires, temp.sense maybe, it lays in the compartment with the output connector. I think I can ljust replace with a new 10 s , if I dont need the three wires, going to the what looks like a sensor to me, but 3 wires confuses, most temp sensors I have seen have 2 wires. Thanks for looking and helping

Just get a new bms for like 50$

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36 volt, 30 ah, I guess why so big, heavy

Can you post a closer photo of the three wires in question?

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If I can get rid of the temp sensor, that should work, was my thought.

quite a few BMSs come with their own temperature sensors. You can probably just replace the weird one with whatever the new BMS comes with.

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I how no idea how you mount that on your board. Guess you’re trading voltage sag with deck sag :rofl: I would get a charging BMS and check the cell balance every so often.

It’s not outside the range of battery sizes I’ve seen on mountainboards. It’s a little larger than most street boards.

It is 36 volt, 30ah, yes big battery. Quick mounts under board, turf tires.

30AH holy crap lol that’s a lot

2 rounds of golf, with me and a golf bag, when full.

Think I will bypass tomorrow, if it works, I will order a new 10s

Want to use this weekend

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Can you post a picture of the full scooter?

How about the website with all the pictures and videos.

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