Golf Skate Caddy repair, and walk around!

Thanks to all for the help with my battery, it is alive now. GSC 42v 30ah battery, dual motor front and rear diagonal drive. Here are a few pictures of it. It is heavy, made to climb hills in the golf course. Needs that big honking battery. LOL Will add a video once it gets done loading. If you have questions about it, feel free?? I am converting it to a Gold Prospecting buggy, to go metal detecting and looking for gold. May convert it to true 4 wheel drive too! I need to go everywhere, but not worried about how fast. 4 speeds, 3,6,9 @ 12 mph, but will do 2 rounds of golf on.a charge. Lots of hills, will try.distance on road soon. It Has a usb port too! Sure the vesc could be turned up, with experimentation and programming help.

Thanks for the add, hope I can repay the help too!


Video of the GSC


Dear friend could you tell me spec about these dual engine front and rear diagonal drive.If

Can you send me information to find PDF?

I wonder becouse is a lot of difference on the others motors mountainboard skateIf if possible send me especifications 1- Truck Axle 2- MotherBoarders (are 2 Ok?) 3- Waterproof receiver


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this thread is a mess

What did you do to get yours going I have recently acquired this same cart and the battery is toast…thank you in advance