Golfboard clone gut and refit, first project, 4000w 4 hub 4wd bogey killer, king of the fairways!

Hello All, I apologize for the length of this post, I am new to this forum, I kinda backed into this Build/Refit project. I have been soaking up tons of info, enough to feel pretty comfortable in general in the hardware I have chosen. That said I still have probably made some rookie mistakes. Any and all opinions from this form is greatly appreciated.


My buddy bought a Chinese clone of the GB, we were playing golf a few weeks ago and it went completely dead turns out it was a fuse, but After being humiliated walking that 115lbs beast back to the clubhouse he offered it to me for $500, I thought it was a cool device so I bought it. After taking it apart it was so bad I decided not to fix it, I am going to gut it and make it better than the original since they are asking $6500 for these things I am way ahead of the game, after reading all the really cool projects I know I am in the correct place.

09 AM


BATTERY 60v 30ah Lipo battery pack 26 AM

MOTOR 2 x 500w 10” hub motors (rear) 31 AM

CONTROLLERS 2x 60v 1500w brainpower 49 AM

I am not looking for speed 12mph-16mph top speed is great, torque,traction and reliability are my main concern. Which brings me to the problems.

  1. The reliability is horrible, since I took it over its blown 3 30amp fuses just riding in the neighborhood,
  2. Its 2wd on the wet golf course (turf) it handles like a pig. The original GB uses 2 motors and two axles for their 4wd, I like the idea of 4 hub motors better after a little research.
  3. It’s just plain poorly done. (see the fender over the wheel looks like a 10 year old did it)

HARDWARE REFIT CHOICES (please let me know any opinions alternate choices, or mistakes)

BATTERY keep the 60v 30ah Lipo or 48v 30ah Lipo pack

MOTOR 4 x 500w hub motors with 13” all-terrain tires with hall sensors or 4 x 1000w hub motors with 13” all-terrain tires with hall sensors


Since I am not looking for ultimate performance I am looking for the best battery/ motor/ VESC combination for the money that will reliably get the job done on the course day in and day out. With the VESC’S space should not be an issue.

CONTROL STALK (got to dark for pics, I borrowed official GB pics)

43 AM

This is by far the biggest issue as 95 percent of the builds here use remote controls. All the controls are on the stalk. The stalk is also where my golf bag resides. I however do not know how to attach the controls to the VESC. The controls on the stalk are as follows

  1. ON/OFF

I want to rewire the stalk, after inspection there are bare wires and ETC. I would like to keep the function. Except for two exceptions

  1. The on off is on this Wuxing throttle, I wish to make this the brakes since it has no brakes and depends 100% on regenerative braking. 07 AM

  2. I want to add a key and make it on/off 16 AM

I would really like to know what is and is not possible, as well as the best hardware choices in your opinion.

The rest is cosmetic. A friend is going to help me fab all the plastic/fiberglass fenders. I am ready to go, after your advice and recommendations. I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

If you want reliable, belt, chain or gear drive has the runs on the board :wink:

ouch, its set up with hub motors now., I will have to look into what it would take to convert. but from what I am reading hub motors are just as, if not more reliable. would i loose that much using 4 hub motors?

a pair of these would have double the power than your 4 hubs, gear them right down to your target velocity and they will be reliable. Use your saved coin on a couple of focbox’s & run them >10s/ >30a (ea) and you should be laughing bro :joy:

(lots of good cheaper mounts out there now, what do your truck hangers look like?)

or a low kv motor from:

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I will take more pics tomorrow.

Pretty sure he already has the motors, he also wanted more traction hence the 4wd. He could run 1 motor per axle though

OP asked for:

Current hubs are 500w, I personally don’t see 500-1000w Chinese hubs as being reliable. I also do not think the esc-motor combo he has will be as smooth or have as much adjust ability in throttle and brake as VESC based control.

I think geared down with two wheel drive, sensored with FOC you will be able to tune it to be more rider friendly, tractable, smooth start up, better brakes… everything he is looking for.

So anyway that’s what I think :thinking:

i did buy the motors but, i can re think the project, they only cost $500, and I can always sell them.I am just curious, as to what specifically is the downside to running hubs on this setup, are the motors prone to fail? I looked at many HUB VS BELT discussions, and there seemed to be pros and cons to both, with that said. purchasing premium VESCs, and a premium Battery, seemed to be a good way to spend the money where it really mattered.

count me out bro, i just don’t have time but good luck :slight_smile:

thank for looking I Know I am not ready for this. it just kinda fell in my lap.

I have been working on a an off road drive adapter to use with phycotillers six shooters on hummies new v4 hubs. Don’t know what your timeline is looking like, but 2000w+ Per Hub motors. With the right battery pack, you’ll fall on your ass every time you touch the trigger haha.

It all depends on the person. Some people love hubs, some love satellite drive.

I think 500w per motor will be plenty, look at ebike hubs for example they range from 250-1000w+ And they seem to have enough power even at lower watts since the actual motor is larger. I would suspect that the motor in your hubs would also be larger than the motors in the hubs we use

Can you elaborate on that? Are you making a way for the hubs to fit inside the six shooter hubs for a pneumatic wheel hub essentially…?

Essentially, hummie hubs are an open platform for wheels to be design around. I worked with psychotiller to modify the six shooter to fit the 14 grove pattern . The idea is we will make a spacer to cover the hub and the six shooter will come onto the motor a bit and bolt on from the outside, replacing the plate that normally holds the wheel on. Need to talk to him still about getting these to market since we will be shipping motors in the near future.

Right now, it’s only really practical for symmetry to do with 4wd, since we don’t have a wide enough truck to match the front with for 2wd. More will come from this, need to have a few machines first and put them on a board. Many more builds are going to happen soon to test many ideas.


Thanks, I will do even more study

That sounds great! I’m doing 4WD and was hoping something exactly like what your making would be developed! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with :smile:

Yes they are ebike hubs. the the way it is right now it does move well for such a big platform, speed is not a problems on the golf course 19km, they have the system wired. so it all hinges on 1 30amp fuse. when the system is stressed the fuse pops. so looking at some of the projects. Honestly my thought was to add two more ebike motors similar to what is there. and by premium controllers. not increasing speed, but building a stable 4wd hub platform that is reliable. by adding some quality VESC’S and a better battery I was hoping to achieve just that. the question I have and could not find an answer to is what is the difference between what a build like Duffman’s 4wd board using 4x VESC 4.7 and 4x c6364 (belt driven) and evoheyax’s 4wd rocket board hub driven, and the GB clone I am working on with four 13" ebike motors? understanding that speed is not the ultimate goal, system reliability?

a simpler way to ask this question is. if I were to take the board as it sits right now, and replace the motor controllers, with two or OLLIN or FOCBOX VESC’s, would it not make the system better? if not what would be the likely result? if so would adding two more hub motors and two more VESC’S be more of a good thing? LOL.

what is your motor kv, tire size and system volts?

KV is 700, tire size is 10" and system volts is 60v right now

what I wanted to do is

KV 700 tire size 13" and 48v

Here is a pic of the ORIGINAL BOARD with 13" wheels 45 PM

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