Golfboard clone gut and refit, first project, 4000w 4 hub 4wd bogey killer, king of the fairways!

that can’t be right dude? :thinking:

assuming your 60v is 14s with 3.7v a cell nominal voltage:

at full charge it is even more ridiculous :clown_face:

lol thats pretty fast. obviously that was the wrong info, or I am not understanding something let me check

You probably mean 70 kv. Somewheres around 70 would be a nice motor for this type of vehicle, maybe even 60 kv.

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still way too high with that many volts and the huge wheels…

10s, 15kv and his 275mm wheels gets him where he wants to be speed wise, can you wind the kv that low @evoheyax?

yes that was my mistake. although 100mph might be interesting :blush:

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It can be done, but would need to use a very thin wire.

First I am admittedly a new when it comes some of this. I got my friend to send me the spec sheet. its a Chinese clone soooooooo

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Hello, Just got one of these too (unfortunately). I’m trying to figure out why one of the motors isn’t running. If it was I would swap out a rear hub and a front tire. (I.E. A hub on the back right and front left or vice versa. This is how my GSC Golf Skate Caddy is configured and does really well up hills.