[GONE] ALMOST FREE: Damaged motors


got two motors that seem to be damaged, they’re free but you pay for shipping. or, free to pickup if you can come get them in person in los angeles.

one is TB 6374 190kv, it let out smoke during motor detection. has about…200 miles on it. tried repurposing for a new build but let out smoke during FOC motor detection.

the other is HK sk8 6364 190kv. there’s drag in two spots when spinning manually, probably bent shaft or damaged bearing, not sure. sensor wires have been cut off. got damaged when i forgot to turn off the remote and board went flying on it’s own. that was a $400 mistake.

Google Photos

$15 shipped for each, $20 for both.

first come first server, paypal: [email protected]

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sold, pm me

dw lol I’ll pm you

That sk8…bearing…defo

Ouch dude, and after that your giving free motors lol.

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this is what $400 looks like






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That’s insane…

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damn i need a stator for very low kv diy winding, i’m always to slow in these free motor offers…

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