{GONE} FREE (NYC) - MetroBoard Shortboard Battery and electronics

This went quick…WIll get back to others if initial deal falls through this weekend.

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yes please! I know someone who could use this! @Sapphirinia


If @Sapphirinia doesn’t want the deck i’ll definetly take it. @slerm, im not in NY but I am in US so if you’d be willing I would take that deck off your hands. I can pay you for the trouble (and shipping obiviously), but only If your willing

edit: haha got this confused with the micro slim, thought it was a spud deck! Don’t need it now, @Sapphirinia can have it all. Besides, I already have a working build :wink:

Send me a PM if serious to work out the details

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Awww. I live in the US as well (San Francisco). This would have been so good for my build LOL

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give it to her as a present! next time you go by her place just stop and drop it on the porch lol

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Hi, just curious if the exchange ever happened?