Good 3D printers in UK / EU / London

ok so just asked the question about Kegel drivetrains over here:

which led me to this (I know @JuniorPotato93 was doing for Flywheels so shoulda figured) :

So I guess now the question is: does anyone know of good 3D printers in London / UK / EU, who will be able to print these suckers with the right material? No point in doing in the US & shipping - may as well get custom CNC work done for the same price…

Once again, thanks!

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yea - taken a look at that, but got no idea how to distinguish the good printers from the OK printers…

London-based places. In general, if they have good reviews, they will be a good hub with good prints. You will probably want to get the part printed in ABS, but it doesn’t really matter.

ABS won’t be a good material for a pulley, its too soft, PLA would be better suited, but its a bit brittle. Id suggest getting them printed in PETG or Nylon. And make sure they print with 50%+ infill for something mechanical.

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ABS would last much longer, and for a pulley, it would be fine. PLA would be way too likely to break due to how brittle it is. PETG or Nylon would be nice, but it’s harder to come by and often doesn’t turn out as well as more regular thermoplastics will. +1 it needs a high infill.

I’ve made pulleys in ABS, PLA and PETG. The ABS pulley had no teeth in about 2 days. There’s no shock affecting the pulley, so PLA wont break; hence its still working just fine. I swapped it for PETG which is better than both (not really had to come by, you can get it from any 3d filament supplier, and for the same price as pla or abs).

Really? That’s surprising, but good to know! I print exclusively in PLA and don’t work much with ABS (no need really. I don’t really like it). As for PLA printed pulleys, I was speaking to the general use of PLA, not necessarily for a pulley, I am sure it would work fine on a pulley, I would personally just rather a pulley made out of Nylon. As for PETG, I just don’t often see people who print with it, I have personally never used it. It seems best suited for mechanical uses exactly like this one.

Yeah, PETG works very nice for mechanical parts! I mostly print in PLA too, i get headaches from ABS, so i only print ABS when i absolutely have too (like all my printer parts, as ABS is soft it reduces vibrations). PETG is a pain in the ass to print with, i guess thats why people dont use it that much. As for Nylon i havent used yet.

Nylon can be a pain because it can absorb moisture. PLA and ABS too, but Nylon is EXTREME, I have experience needing to put it in the over to get the moisture out of the filament before printing with it. Vacuum bag and silica gel helps too.

My ABS pulley is holding very well, maybe 80 km and no sign of wear on the teeth

Did you find a place mate?

I have my own printer and based in the uk I have been printing in pla and can say it is holding up just it is wearing once I have configured abs I will be getting some in and trying abs and see how long it pat compared to pla.