Good 3D program used for 3D printer

hey guys, I was wondering for those with 3D printers, what are some of the 3D programs that you used to design your .STL files for eboard (i.e Kegel drive gear, VESC emclosures, etc.)


Fusion 360 has a steep learning curve but is very powerful, 123d design is great for beginners and easy to use

I use 123D. I am a beginner and I only design basic stuff.

I use rhino, it’s very easy to learn and can save and open many file types. I also use 3Ds Max but that is a lot harder to use.

For newbies I recommend Sketchup, it’s very intuitive, even if you always need to keep in mind that for 3D printing your models must be clean and “watertight”. There is a STL online fixer service that will do something about it but it doesn’t work for every mistake, its name is Netfabb cloud (online version - acquired by MS last year)

If you know how to program and enjoy it there’s a software and programming language used mostly to develop open source 3D printers (RepRap) named OpenSCAD, I quite like it. Not recommended if you don’t like to code :slight_smile:

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Fusion 360, Autocad, solidworks, or any other CAD program will work. There are also free cad programs. Sketchup is fine as makevoid said.

Its is mostly preference. However mastering a CAD program is a really good skill to have.