Good and cheap 6 inch Pneumatic wheels?

Hi everyone.

I have found these Pneumatic wheels on Taobao, i think they are fine since Alienpowersystems sells the same set just many times more expensive.

But i am looking for some 6 Inch Pneumatic wheels can someone help me? I will not be using them for heavy forrest driving just regular paved roads and occasionally offroad.

The best wheels for me is the ones that still can fit a normal 180mm longboard truck, It work well for me since i have some good trucks with 3d printed mounts and pulleys.

Low profile 6.5" on 8" rim.

The first lot was flown over and sold withn a day. The second lot should be on the water and will hopefully arive around easter time.

The wheel you pointed out is 8" and the bearings sit very far apart, making it impossible to mount the hub onto a skate truck. They are also very heavy and the rubber is probably half rubber and half plastic. Waste of $.


id rather have the wheels he linked than have to “hit my bearings with a hammer” like i’m supposed to do with your wheels :rofl:


behave littlebro, play nice.


truth hurts :woman_shrugging:




I’d rather the superstars (those wheels are shit) & i’d mount a socket (or similar as need be) sized to the outer bearing race on my drill press and i’d press the bearing in (if need be) just like I do to replace my bearings and shafts in my press fit electric motors.

You can keep your american screw driver (hammer).

Shity advice is shit, doesn’t mean there isn’t another way though & you are extending the shity advice paradigm by suggesting those wheels are the way to go…


i didn’t say the wheels OP linked were the way to go :wink:

just said i prefer them over trampa wheels

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you should become a lawyer

you’d probably make heaps of money : )

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Actually saying “rather than” didn’t mean he was recommending the taobao wheels. It meant he liked the Trampa “Hammer ins” Less.

Maybe Lawyer isn’t the best suggestion either…


Reads pretty black and white dude, Greco stated two options, and he would rather have the taobao wheels than superstars. Re-iterated as much in his follow up post.

Doubled down on shity advice just so he could justify taking a cheap shot at Trampa.

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You’re seriously going to argue your misinterpreted opinion? Those wheels are shit. I understood what he said perfectly. So did @RedEagle.

And It hurt your feelings… @GrecoMan you should apologize for jab.


You can only have cheap or good, not both.


Where are you located?

dude I’m not gonna apologize for you misinterpreting what I was saying. I was simply stating that both wheels were bad, but id take the ones OP linked over the superstars. I NEVER SAID EITHER ONE WAS BETTER OR WORSE (OR BAD AND GOOD). my personal preference is way different from real life testing or your personal preference.

I’m not taking it back.


technically he didn’t say fast… so he should be able to have it cheap and good, just slow. Meaning it might take a few more years to come out with something good and cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dude…the quality of those hubs is 100x worse. The bearings are pressed in and the hubs themselves out of balance. You’d need a blowtorch, a fridge and two hammers to remove the bearings. Possibly a quantum drive.

Anyway, the OP is not looking to buy these 8’’ monstrosities. He is asking for advice on 6’’ pneumatic wheels. Thread that might contain some useful info.

Wow this thread is a bit out of hand. Can I get a simple yes or no for the wheels.

If no then what would be better? Just remember that I will not be doing hardcore Forrest riding

They are suprisingly good for their price, ofcourse you will nog get premium quality like Trampa wheels :wink:

No. Save money for something better, as I mentioned in the other thread. Out of balance hubs and wheels are even more problematic if you move at higher speeds, which tends to happen more frequently if you stick to regular roads.

These hubs are impossible to balance and will cause speed wobbles. Just don’t. It’s a safety hazard.